Whale jumps out of nowhere during sight seeing tour.

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 19, 2018
  • during a sight seeing tour a boat was soaked in water by a humpback whale that was putting on a show and it later swarmed off with its siblings.

    credit: viralhog, LLC


  • QFS Aviation
    QFS Aviation  6 days ago +5574

    I legit thought this was clickbait

    • Timur Suzin
      Timur Suzin  5 hours ago

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    • Rosie Hodgson
      Rosie Hodgson  6 hours ago

      me too

    • Primiterismm
      Primiterismm  15 hours ago

      QFS Aviation 😂😂 me too until the very end

    • Ace The Chocolate
      Ace The Chocolate  yesterday

      QFS Aviation I said the same thing!!

    • Милена Александрова
      Милена Александрова  2 days ago

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  • Ins8ne
    Ins8ne  33 minutes ago

    You see the whale on 1:59
    Thank me later and follow my insta: _ins8ne

  • Emma K100
    Emma K100  an hour ago

    1:59 your welcome

  • Internet Dreams
    Internet Dreams  an hour ago

    Skip to 1.56

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach  3 hours ago

    surprise motherfucker

  • Craig Klotter
    Craig Klotter  4 hours ago

    You made us wait way too long for the ending there bro

  • Kim Chi Ho
    Kim Chi Ho  6 hours ago

    did anyone else hear the whale humps? OMG XD

  • Christie Brenner
    Christie Brenner  7 hours ago

    Is that amy schumer 😱😱💀?

  • Art Villa
    Art Villa  8 hours ago

    lucky that it didnt land on the boat

  • aadhil naushad
    aadhil naushad  9 hours ago

    I went to sleep waiting for the whale and suddenly I woke up

  • Andres Vera
    Andres Vera  9 hours ago

    Paid actor

  • rolivia19
    rolivia19  9 hours ago

    The kid killed it by crying ugh

  • Elle Martinez
    Elle Martinez  9 hours ago


  • good boy
    good boy  9 hours ago

    I have a theory,
    You know how the show family guy is dead, Peter has been reincarnated as a fucking whale, little ding a ling bastard!

  • gramerpolise
    gramerpolise  10 hours ago


  • PsyQoBoy
    PsyQoBoy  10 hours ago

    Whale thought he was free Willy.

  • Amberlynn Rayaz
    Amberlynn Rayaz  11 hours ago

    Don't worry guys I figured it out, the whale isn't an actual magician that appeared out of nowhere...it came from the water. You're welcome.

  • MBsavage
    MBsavage  11 hours ago


  • Daf XF105
    Daf XF105  11 hours ago

    Love to see it land on the boat and crush these entitled Muppets.