Ruby Rose Gets Emotional About Being Cast as Batwoman

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • Ruby Rose chats with Jimmy about how she's processing her emotions after being cast as the new Batwoman in an upcoming CW series and explains how bats and bat wings have always been part of her life.

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    Ruby Rose Gets Emotional About Being Cast as Batwoman



  • Anthony V
    Anthony V  4 minutes ago

    Lol so cringe.

  • Zack Plyler
    Zack Plyler  14 minutes ago

    She's great in John Wick and i can't wait for John Wick chapter 3

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez  33 minutes ago

    Batwoman was never gay nor does her sexuality have anything with her becoming batwoman. This is a joke. Stop trying to shove this bullshit down or throats

  • Dead Panda
    Dead Panda  33 minutes ago

    She’s going to be amazing being batwoman I can’t fucking wait!!!! BRUHH🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Diary of Deaths
    Diary of Deaths  an hour ago


  • PG Tryhard
    PG Tryhard  an hour ago

    Hehe im gonna raid your base with my true name of ymir

  • Chris Benson
    Chris Benson  an hour ago

    This is amazing but penguins have knees and it took a half gallon of milk forcibly (drunken?) for me to admit it.

  • Jerry Hilliard
    Jerry Hilliard  2 hours ago

    Do we get an Aussie accent or will she wow us with an American one?

  • Joseph Fazio
    Joseph Fazio  2 hours ago

    Look at how proud they all are parading her around like a dipshit. Like she actually accomplished something taking on a 3rd tier d-level superhero. It’s gonna be the same old CW bullshit just like every other retarded show they shit out orally.

  • Colin Chicoine
    Colin Chicoine  2 hours ago

    A more appropriate title would be Vagwoman!

  • 60sto80s2
    60sto80s2  2 hours ago

    her tattoo ruins it

  • Florida D.Hyuga
    Florida D.Hyuga  2 hours ago

    It makes me cry and emotional to hear speak, she's truly amazing and inspiring!!!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Forever Red
    Forever Red  2 hours ago

    Beautiful very beautiful

  • Xhoela Hoxhaj
    Xhoela Hoxhaj  2 hours ago

    She wears makeup that makes her look as a man , so why would they choose her. Hollywood has many beautiful women.
    Please stop publishing homosexuality. Please.
    They have their lives but why are we forced to watch them everywhere.
    I know one thing for sure , i'm not going to watch that movie.

  • Victor De Vos
    Victor De Vos  3 hours ago

    Officer institutional growth bunch apple lean female relative craft slightly.

  • Dr. nightshade
    Dr. nightshade  3 hours ago

    This is not the ruby rose I thought

  • GAMING Controlled
    GAMING Controlled  3 hours ago

    Can’t wait to find out how they are going to introduce her into the CW team up

  • Mel Rose
    Mel Rose  3 hours ago


  • DIOSpeedDemon
    DIOSpeedDemon  4 hours ago

    She looks like the twin sister or sister to the singer of Black Veiled Brides.

  • Lori L
    Lori L  4 hours ago

    Lol at everyone applauding CWs inclusiveness. I haven't watched a CW show in a long while but I don't recall any openly gay male heroes on any of the shows. Plenty of good looking female/female relationships though...gee wonder why that is?