Kalen Reacts to Breakfast Cereal Waffle Cake



  • Rahul Patil
    Rahul Patil  25 minutes ago

    I love Kalen's attitude!

  • danjpoche
    danjpoche  8 hours ago

    Kalen please marry me !!!

  • Mae W.
    Mae W.  10 hours ago

    I love him lol

  • Fiona BlueStar
    Fiona BlueStar  10 hours ago

    i think if it was 3 instead of 6 layers, that whipped cream (or watever it was) is coated a bit thinner, finally melted white chocolate is replaced with milk/dark chocolate coating, then it would be better? of course it is still packed in sugar and calories, so maybe only for rare occasions? it aint that bad tasting but nightmare for teeth ... but again most of the sugary foods are nightmarish 😂😂😂😂

  • Hailey Yasinski
    Hailey Yasinski  11 hours ago

    Do they want some waffle with that icing?

  • Google Account
    Google Account  12 hours ago

    This is like a macgyver'd momofuku cake

  • Relle M.
    Relle M.  13 hours ago

    *Where the hell do they get these ideas from??*
    I'm not even complaining.
    I'm amazed. 😂👌

  • Valerie Mauricio
    Valerie Mauricio  13 hours ago

    I love soggy cereal

  • BrayBray13 YT
    BrayBray13 YT  14 hours ago +1

    *G U R R L*

  • Marind57
    Marind57  15 hours ago +1

    https://pin.it/kwyowg4evgizut. This is a ham and broccoli roll. It is a weird food. Please watch😃

  • Ratty LPS
    Ratty LPS  yesterday

    Yea I

  • Evelyn Simmons
    Evelyn Simmons  yesterday

    I love watching his videos

  • E&OGaming Yt
    E&OGaming Yt  yesterday

    When they made the chocolate waffle it looked like it was really hard to chew

  • OG// ASMR
    OG// ASMR  yesterday


  • N.Y Productions
    N.Y Productions  2 days ago

    "girl ain't no such thing as captain crunchy, that must me the dollar tree version" IM DEAD LMAO

  • nurul najwa
    nurul najwa  2 days ago

    I wanna see him making this 🤤

  • Marie-Lynn Issa
    Marie-Lynn Issa  2 days ago

    actually would EAT

  • anonymous user
    anonymous user  2 days ago

    Eh at least its edible

  • King Myleack
    King Myleack  2 days ago

    Fire him he alwful