VENOM - Official Trailer 2 (HD)



  • Egyptian Comedy
    Egyptian Comedy  5 minutes ago

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  • BA86ali
    BA86ali  12 minutes ago

    2:54 makes MY mouth drool.

  • Oli Couz
    Oli Couz  34 minutes ago

    Venoms power is licking peoples face off

  • MrSuperVikingo
    MrSuperVikingo  43 minutes ago

    Can’t wait for this flick and the newest Spider-Man game. Go Team Sony!!!

  • Mr. Tholib
    Mr. Tholib  an hour ago

    No spiderman ? 😁😁😁😁😁

  • jackson nkwama
    jackson nkwama  an hour ago

    But Venom is villan right? If so, Avengers Infinity War should be called Thanos then

  • Lemonman
    Lemonman  an hour ago

    Never expected a Venom movie to be made, but this looks so awesome on so many levels. Can’t wait.

  • ByCoolPumpkin YT
    ByCoolPumpkin YT  2 hours ago

    at least Venom hasn’t lied throughout this trailer. “ What are you “ “ We are VENOM “ ask and you will receive

  • Ocean Valdez
    Ocean Valdez  2 hours ago

    Great, now prototype will never get a movie

  • Omar Moosani
    Omar Moosani  2 hours ago

    Venom Lookalike Spiderman🦊

  • Rahmian O. Cody
    Rahmian O. Cody  2 hours ago

    Venom never started off as a good guy. He is A villain who fought spider man, and teamed up with spider man later on to defeat carnage and his crew when some of his venom symboit have found new hosts. Venom then took on random battles to fight random supehumans elsewhere.

  • talmat farid
    talmat farid  2 hours ago

    WE ARE VENOM !!!

  • Curtis Sobye
    Curtis Sobye  2 hours ago

    "We will eat both your arms ,then both you legs,then i will eat you face right off your head. You will be this armless legless faceless thing rolling down the street...,like a bird in The wind .WE ARE VENOM.OH! i have parasites.....,night mrs chen"

  • Sudarshan Kumar
    Sudarshan Kumar  2 hours ago


  • Calin Masca
    Calin Masca  2 hours ago

    Venom ' s voice is so cool and scary

  • Curtis Sobye
    Curtis Sobye  2 hours ago


  • hamzy hagjer
    hamzy hagjer  3 hours ago +1

    Is that riot

  • jimmy reagan
    jimmy reagan  3 hours ago

    I have a bad feeling about this. Spawn comes to mind..

  • Tim O'Rourke
    Tim O'Rourke  3 hours ago +1

    1:22 when you think you have voices in your head

    TIM UNKNOWN  3 hours ago

    it looks better after I drunk 4 beers