KSI vs. Logan Paul [Official Fight Trailer #1]



  • KSIvsLogan
    KSIvsLogan  11 days ago +3686

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    • Andrea Flores
      Andrea Flores  2 hours ago

      KSIvsLogan is this gonna be on tw i tch or youtube

    • PowerUpScotty77
      PowerUpScotty77  5 hours ago

      Logan is better

    • Genji kun
      Genji kun  17 hours ago

      Logan should practice more on speed cuz the more hits you land the more u can knock out the enemy

    • extreme killer
      extreme killer  yesterday

      KSIvsLogan my birthday is literally the day after y'all fight

    • fireball football
      fireball football  yesterday

      KSIvsLogan who else paid to watch the livestream because of this

  • Ethan Victor
    Ethan Victor  10 minutes ago


  • Meluments
    Meluments  30 minutes ago

    I just wanna see then hurt each others

  • Sp1hr1t
    Sp1hr1t  54 minutes ago

    KSI will win

  • CJ Paranteau
    CJ Paranteau  an hour ago +1

    THE BATTLE OF LIGMA!!!!- August 25th

  • Ride it
    Ride it  an hour ago

    Hard to lift a log likes

  • Hamid Wahidi
    Hamid Wahidi  an hour ago +1

    "official fight trailer #1" where's #2?

  • Slicek1 Mello
    Slicek1 Mello  an hour ago

    I assure Logan is gonna win

  • jherome villasenor vlog


  • Joel Fernandez
    Joel Fernandez  an hour ago

    ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ LOGAN

  • Baraa Makkawy
    Baraa Makkawy  an hour ago

    Tbh every abt this fight is stupid and dumb they just want attention and youtube is like give me more

  • Joshua H
    Joshua H  2 hours ago +1

    Anyone else excited to see Connor fight khabib.

  • Okidoki
    Okidoki  2 hours ago


  • Ron Swanson don't subscribe to me

    It feels like captain america civil war but with logan paul vs ksi instead of captain america and ironman

  • Ron Swanson don't subscribe to me

    This is cringe

  • taemyname _
    taemyname _  2 hours ago

    Shits gonna go down

  • Kendo Master
    Kendo Master  2 hours ago

    KSI v Logan Paul

  • Azea Monero
    Azea Monero  2 hours ago

    first time ill ever support logan
    punck ksi in his stupid smug face

  • Candy Crazy girl
    Candy Crazy girl  2 hours ago

    Logan Paul is CLEARLY gonna win

  • Nathaniel Higgers
    Nathaniel Higgers  3 hours ago

    This is what happens when you mix autism and youtube together. You get KSIvsLogan.