Angle Kit for Drifting Explained - Installing it on our e36 Project

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • Season 1: Drift and Grip

    Danger Dan begins installing two of the more fun parts you can put on a drift car: a hoon stick (aka hydro handbrake) and an angle kit, focusing on the drift aspect of our drift/grip e36 project.

    Brought to you by Edelbrock USA.

    52LB Compact Style Fuel Injectors - (Part number: 15907)
    Cross-Ram Intake Manifold (Black) - (Part number: 71413)
    Fuel Rails for Cross Ram Intake Manifold - (Part number: 3654)
    Hydraulic Roller Camshaft (.631" lift, 114-degree lobe separation - Part number: 2219)
    E-CNC LS3 Heads - (Part number: 61319)
    Two-Piece aluminum timing cover - (Part number: 4254)
    Two-Piece Water Pump - (Part number: 8896)
    Billet Water Pump Pulley - (Part number: 8898)
    RPM-Link Timing chain set - (Part number: 7343)
    Ford 289-302 Pushrod 7.700" - (Part number: 9659)

    GM LS3 Valve Covers (Part number: 12637684)

    Pedal Assembly, Forward MT, HD, 6.25:1 Adjustable, Triple M/C (Part number: 340-11295)
    Front brake Master cylinder Kit, M/C, Compact Remote, 3/4in. w/ Reservoir (Part number: 260-10372)
    Rear brake master cylinder KIT, M/C, Compact Remote, 7/8in. w/ Reservoir (Part number: 260-10374)
    Remote Brake Bias Adjuster (Part number: 340-4990)
    Clutch master cylinder Kit, M/C, Compact Remote, 3/4 in. w/ Reservoir (Part number: 260-10372)
    Brake Fluid, EXP600 PLUS, 6-PK (Part number: 290-8478)
    Handbrake Assembly, 11:1 Ratio Vertical (Part number: 340-14769)

    Factory GM Crankshaft (Part number: 12588614)
    SDPC Racechop - LS1 346 Piston Quick Kit. (Part number: SD3461KP2)

    SCAT -
    Set of LS1 SCAT H-Beam Rods (Part number: 66100945)

    E36 LS1 - Complete Stage 0 Kit
    E36 LS1 - Drop-In Fuel Pump Kit

    Street Extreme Camaro '98-'02: 12.0 x 1.1250 x 26 Spline w Steel Flywheel (Part number: 75323)

    Rear trailing arm bushing kit (Part number: PFR5-3608Bx2)
    Rear subframe front and rear bushings (Part number: PF-E36-REAR-SUBFRAME-STREET-KIT)
    Differential front & rear bushings (Part number: PFR5-325X, black series)
    Adjustable rear lower control arms (Part number: 100.33.536.0002)
    Rear control arm outer/upper bearing set (Part number: 100.33.536.0008)
    Rear control arm outer/lower bearing set (Part number: 100.33.536.0009)

    DS Series Coilover 3 Series BMW E36 (Part number: I-26-DS)

    BMW 188 Axle - E30 / E36 325i, M3 USA, E36/7 M Coupe/Roadster (Part number: 30.309.150WK)

    BMW E36 Sport Sway Bar Set (Part number: 22835)

    HURST -
    Camaro Firebird V8 Billet Plus Shifter BW T56 Trans (Part number: 3915060 )

    NRG -
    Quick Release (Part number: SRK-200BK)
    Short Hub Adapter (Part number: SRK-E36H)

    Tory - Chuki Beats
    Instrumental produced by Chuki

    Gambino - Chuki Beats
    Instrumental produced by Chuki

    Choices - Chuki Beats
    Instrumental produced by Chuki

    Diplomat - Chuki Beats
    Instrumental produced by Chuki

    Tarantino - Chuki Beats
    Instrumental produced by Chuki

    Scorpion - Chuki Beats
    Instrumental produced by Chuki


  • Hoonigan Bonus
    Hoonigan Bonus  5 days ago +99

    What should we build on Season 2 of Knuckle Busters? Got to start planning now!

    • Mason Sheats
      Mason Sheats  20 hours ago

      Convert something to awd

    • Hightech Redneck Backyard Barn
      Hightech Redneck Backyard Barn  yesterday

      home brew single seater open wheel race car frame. keep it simple. use 90's honda civic parts like a d15 motor and rear mount it. make it a track weapon. just keep it simple

    • Yaquub Bayjou
      Yaquub Bayjou  2 days ago

      Hoonigan Bonus a corolla or Camry 2jz build drift missile for kikawa

    • jay crute
      jay crute  2 days ago

      87 Mitsubishi mighty maxx to a rally truck

    • petr buriánek
      petr buriánek  2 days ago

      Get an old Škoda, preferably a 105 or 120, transform it into an ultimate machine and hoon the shit out of it.

  • Hotwire454
    Hotwire454  10 hours ago

    Dan, with all those Tilton master cylinders, do yourself a favor, get a Motive Products Power Bleeder and the Tilton adapter. Got a similar setup and one man bleeding clutch and brakes is effortless. Great job on the new series!

  • Infernostar18
    Infernostar18  18 hours ago

    Take a few leaves out of rhe rear springs!! You have no weight on the rear end!!

  • dubn420
    dubn420  21 hours ago

    Hope your not using that bum ass gas pedal...I mashed mine apart a few events ago. Worst design ever BMW. Plastic hinge at the bottom is super flimsy and snaps. Hurts gonna hurt that shit forsure.

  • Tym T
    Tym T  yesterday

    Pro tip: Don't even try to use a cheap flare tool. It'll leak and drive you crazy. Buy a good one or borrow from the auto parts store.

  • Thorhack
    Thorhack  yesterday

    That poor expensive, exclusive steering wheel. 😢

    MIKKLOSS SS  yesterday

    where is audi?!?!?!

  • Rotor Head
    Rotor Head  yesterday

    After the car is finished, take it to Jay Leno's Garage and have him hoon it around.

  • David Speddon
    David Speddon  yesterday

    cant wait to hear the bmw fire up and rip

  • David Speddon
    David Speddon  yesterday

    Mustang session 2

  • Tara Tollefson
    Tara Tollefson  yesterday

    Way to make sure no one knows that's SLR products.... hiding the logos and stuff. XD
    Jerks! Way to support a great product! Its just "an angle kit"

  • Alex Fernandez
    Alex Fernandez  2 days ago

    Love this series! Dan is the man! Can’t wait till the next episode!

  • xshadow dps
    xshadow dps  2 days ago

    BMW hood Vents M3, GT, DTM, Air Duct
    BMW e92 - Ford ST RS style
    GT-R style
    AMG c63 style

  • Jesse Belor
    Jesse Belor  2 days ago

    hoonigan is super lucky to have an all-rounder like dan on the team!

  • E. Africanus
    E. Africanus  2 days ago

    Dont bang on ball joints... use a puller

  • Nathan Dugan
    Nathan Dugan  3 days ago

    This is probably my favorite series

  • Lavneb G
    Lavneb G  3 days ago

    Danger Dan should be called Rad Dan considering rad is his favourite word 😂

  • Lavneb G
    Lavneb G  3 days ago

    Is it me or does Danger Dan seems really down and drain in this one? Someone give this man a drink and a good night sleep Lol
    Love the series though

  • Jayson Domingo
    Jayson Domingo  3 days ago

    This is the best series for me. Great job. Keep this please. Thank you.

  • Frankie M
    Frankie M  3 days ago

    Dan you're wearing the wrong shirt, the car isn't finished and you're already thinking roadside repair? C'mon Danny boy maybe a coffin racer but you got mad skills at fab work so you should be more confident in your handy work. Just yanking your chain great video very informative and looking good with the progress so far. But is this beamer going to fly the same livery as shitcar when its all said and done? Then Vinnie and Hert can also be twinning cars and outfits.