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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
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  • ValandCoco
    ValandCoco  an hour ago

    Congrats sweetie I'm so happy for you guys live your life!

  • Trinitymaria 14
    Trinitymaria 14  an hour ago

    I don’t have kids or anything just putting my 2 sense in but I do think you should think long term and go for 5 bedrooms, I’m sure the kids (if they are boy girl) won’t share a room for that long so it’s better to have more space than not enough

  • Simone Hu
    Simone Hu  2 hours ago

    A Jeep is a good car for car seats

  • Tantamount Montgomery

    Two separate rooms if a boy and a girl.

  • malika bailey
    malika bailey  16 hours ago

    do 5 beds

  • XOKree
    XOKree  16 hours ago

    Get the 5 bedroom, just in case that is your forever home. You can use the other room as a bigger walk-in baby closet/"playroom" while they share the same gender neutral baby bedroom.

  • tye Kellz
    tye Kellz  21 hours ago

    Make sure you get something where you can fit the double stroller. I have twins. (3yrs old,boy,girl)it was such a hassle dealing with the stroller that i just carried my kids in their car seats. My cousin has a truck and cant even fit her single stroller in it. Just keep that in mind

  • Taryn Jackson
    Taryn Jackson  yesterday

    Also talk to your realtor about making major purchases such as a car at the same time as purchasing an house. Sometimes that can impact approvals and loan interest rates

  • Taryn Jackson
    Taryn Jackson  yesterday

    I think the baby will soothe other in the same room. Do 4 bedroom for now. Then upgrade when they get older.

  • Excenia
    Excenia  yesterday

    I have a girl boy set of twins and kept them together until they were 5

  • Brittany K
    Brittany K  yesterday

    It's so unappealing to watch people eat on camera

  • Mrs. Jo
    Mrs. Jo  yesterday

    Mommas be knowing...she strait up said it's a boy and girl. Imagine if she is accurate..I believe she is.

  • HoneyOats LuvDunaCakes

    Can somebody fill me in? I remember her saying she’s pregnant with the test video then she made a video of a miscarriage a few days later crying her heart out. Was the miscarriage a front?

  • Humble_B
    Humble_B  yesterday


  • J W
    J W  yesterday

    Are they married?

  • Alexis H
    Alexis H  yesterday

    I’m a twin with a sister and we have always shared rooms until we got older. I think being twins as babies you should have the same room.. now they might just both be in y’all room but same rooms as babies n then make the other room a nursery or something

  • April Artis
    April Artis  yesterday

    Omg, I love your mother! I'm a new subscriber as of today and congratulations on your pregnancy with twins.

  • Sunasia And Janelle

    Just Relax Keesha ❤️

  • Jasmine J.
    Jasmine J.  yesterday

    So happy that you’re vlogging again. And i hope your moms right about their identity

  • Amari Evans
    Amari Evans  yesterday

    If you plan on staying in the house for the rest of your life then 5 because the kids not going to want to share a room when they are 10+