Ronda Rousey vs. Alicia Fox: Raw, Aug. 6, 2018



  • anosferatus
    anosferatus  28 minutes ago

    oh how the mighty have fallen...swallowing their pride and all.

  • PairedBow 2882
    PairedBow 2882  44 minutes ago

    2:53 just imagine if the mic hit her face XD

  • Chucky/Mikal Simmons
    Chucky/Mikal Simmons  47 minutes ago

    I was there but me and my mom left after the segment

  • Lan Tuyet
    Lan Tuyet  49 minutes ago

    Brock and ALlax are a shamful couper

  • Elli Lou
    Elli Lou  an hour ago

    I feel bad for Alicia....I’m sure Alexa made her do this. And at one point Fox was shielding Alexa from Rousey while she had a broken arm......💔

  • Nois e chato
    Nois e chato  an hour ago

    bliss 💩😓

  • Tobey Starburst
    Tobey Starburst  an hour ago

    Pure garbage.

  • The Watty Bros
    The Watty Bros  2 hours ago

    i just cant wait for when Ronda gets the title and Natalya turns heel on her. also anyone else think it looked like she was actually hurting Alicia rather than wrestling? its like ronda doesnt belong in wwe because she is too brutal and still hasnt learned how to safely wrestle

  • Terry Bruce
    Terry Bruce  2 hours ago

    The real part is RR's strength and athleticism....very impressive...cant fake that.

  • liam symes
    liam symes  2 hours ago

    This may be a belt she could hold...

  • liam symes
    liam symes  3 hours ago


  • TruthSword
    TruthSword  3 hours ago

    In the 1980's mid I wanted to be a woman wrestler some of it is fake some real,i grew up going to the roller derby
    's and it 's similar .

  • Carl Sidney Ignacio Mundia

    Does someone notice that natalya is a loser just having friend with stronger wrestler like the glamazon beth phoenix now that beth is not anymore on wwe switch to rowdy ronda rousey

  • Rabid wolverine
    Rabid wolverine  4 hours ago

    It's scary watching Ronda be aggressive WWE because of her inexperienced but it's entertaining, ALEXA is must watch her promos are awesome and poor mic almost hit rounda

  • Shukri Hirsi
    Shukri Hirsi  4 hours ago


  • Ja' Crizzbo
    Ja' Crizzbo  4 hours ago

    This is still trending in the uk. Well done WWE

  • Kezia Souza
    Kezia Souza  5 hours ago

    Ronda ❤

  • Sandy Long
    Sandy Long  5 hours ago +1

    Rousey needs to learn more than the same UFC punches and arm twists in every match.

  • James Scarborough
    James Scarborough  5 hours ago

    Alicia Fox is lucky Ronda Rousey didn't dislocate her arm at the shoulder.

  • Randy Tong
    Randy Tong  5 hours ago

    Wrestling is fake. We all know Rhonda can't box. Dead giveaway.