The Incredible Alcatraz Prison Break

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
  • Four men, an infamous island prison, and one daring plan. But what happened next?


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      Anton Chemodurov  13 hours ago

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      Hannah Banana  2 days ago

      BuzzFeed Unsolved Network do the case on Cropsey

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  • Artistic Warlock
    Artistic Warlock  17 minutes ago

    There still alive, somewhere in Brazil.
    I’ve watched a documentary of Alcatraz and it talked about how there alive and they had a person, a girl, related to one of the guys, probably the brothers I don’t know, and they told that they survived the water and moved to a different place. I don’t know about you guys but I There alive to me, probably 50 years old or 60 rn

  • thea Stordahl
    thea Stordahl  50 minutes ago


  • VirtualZ 77
    VirtualZ 77  an hour ago

    Actually the next day a car was reported stolen after the three had escaped

  • To Savage
    To Savage  an hour ago

    I think that I never date down all the raincoats life-vest that they can Easley of planted them around and they could’ve easily escape because everyone every guard I mean every single guard in Alcatraz Island or the rock is thinking that will never escape if they do they have all this water to try to pass and that they’re not gonna do it so there’s no really big point of trying to stop him them. So what I’m saying is the reason why they escaped is because they didn’t have as good as security as their saying and they could not of made it far and if the guards would stop them.

  • Autumn Lawrence
    Autumn Lawrence  an hour ago

    is this what prison break is based on causeeee

  • Victor lozank
    Victor lozank  an hour ago

    I just want them to come out and say theyr alive since the case is closed and thet wont go to jail

  • Victor lozank
    Victor lozank  an hour ago

    Nothing about al capone?

  • Sumei Leen
    Sumei Leen  2 hours ago

    Did you know that Ryan's unsolved voice would make me lull into deep sleep? I always fell asleep halfway through the video and had to rewatched the whole video the next day 😅😂😴

  • Jamaal Green
    Jamaal Green  2 hours ago

    Do the silent twins

  • Ava Walker
    Ava Walker  2 hours ago

    i think the brothers lived and the other man was killed ether by the brothers, or not...

  • TenPluto
    TenPluto  2 hours ago

    the picture in the thumbnail looks like drawing with jazza

  • Markus Arntzen
    Markus Arntzen  2 hours ago +1

    There was another documentary which showed some family member (son or whatever) verifying a photo of the brothers standing together in a picture without sunglasses at some detail expert dude and he concluded that there was a 90% chance of them being the angling brothers.

  • Sara Johnson
    Sara Johnson  2 hours ago

    Guys. You should do the case of Michel C Rockefeller, the anthropologist who disappeared in Papua New Guinea .

  • TheLOOKOUTSquad
    TheLOOKOUTSquad  2 hours ago


  • Mumbo Starlow
    Mumbo Starlow  3 hours ago +1

    Imagine Frank or the Anglin brothers watching this and laughing.

  • Insecurekid 06
    Insecurekid 06  3 hours ago

    Conspiracy :They probably made it but cuz they had prison clothes on they were caught and run off somewhere? But tbh someone probably would of reported it to the prison so never mind lol

  • kaya papaya
    kaya papaya  3 hours ago +1

    there's no doubt in my mind that they survived.

    RowanULTRAGAMER  4 hours ago

    Plot twist: the inmates end up in purgatory

  • Josh Anderson
    Josh Anderson  4 hours ago +3

    at this point i hoped they escaped and made it, all of their crimes seemed to be out of money needs and they don’t seem to have ever intentionally harmed someone either, they’re not the best people but that was one hell of a plan and i have no doubt the last phase of their plan consisted of getting the police to think they perished during the escape by planting those items, good job boyss