Cheap Salvage Auction Audi RS7 Came with 800HP & $15k in Hidden Mods



  • Raul Budi
    Raul Budi  6 days ago +1572

    Samcrac the only guy to do a google search and find the owner of his salvage car

    • Swordie100
      Swordie100  yesterday

      Some people are just said when it comes to the next owner of the car, like for example why not give security codes and stuff if you have them.. Fucking lunatics.

    • crazymicah123
      crazymicah123  yesterday

      I found to previous owner of my buddies Jeep in youtube

    • Chris Gunn
      Chris Gunn  2 days ago

      B is for build also met the previous owner of his BRZ by searching for the missing exhaust, now the previous is now a regular on the channel.

    • MiGujack3
      MiGujack3  2 days ago

      ChrisFix did it on it's mustang lol

    • SvenTviking
      SvenTviking  5 days ago +5

      Esquire Why? Are you just a complete shit?

  • Christopher Palmer
    Christopher Palmer  4 hours ago

    If anyone wants to know how to spend $15k and devalue it here you go.

  • TekWorks
    TekWorks  4 hours ago

    ha COOL that is my old CAR nice work man!

  • MrKiwi
    MrKiwi  5 hours ago

    Such a beautiful car 😣 I wish one day I could afford one. Great job on getting it back into shape.

  • Morgan Sharp
    Morgan Sharp  7 hours ago

    $3000 tune? Ok

  • Cheshire Fox
    Cheshire Fox  10 hours ago

    When I first ever saw that RS7 on this channel, the first things that caught my eye were the fresh HREs. I figured they had to be cracked or something to still be on there. What a jackpot! :P

  • Xglynn 87
    Xglynn 87  15 hours ago +1

    Samcrac you have to get the Quattro grill!!!!!!!

  • BluMac
    BluMac  21 hours ago

    I live in Florida too :)

  • Adam Kalman
    Adam Kalman  23 hours ago

    im jelly

  • M N
    M N  23 hours ago

    I keep telling myself, you're that self help guru, from the Simpsons, and that car also smells like cat pee.

  • kevyn0921
    kevyn0921  yesterday

    Idk why people buy fast cars in America you never gonna know what that bad boy got. Here I'm stationed in Germany with no speed limit autobahn is Fucking gangster

  • Jake Siu
    Jake Siu  yesterday

    them hre wheels tho


    can you give a link for you sunglasses

  • Johnny Winingham
    Johnny Winingham  yesterday


  • Andrew Dante
    Andrew Dante  yesterday

    This guy looks like a chubby version of Tripp Advice

  • G Hoho
    G Hoho  yesterday

    Lucky man!

  • Ham Mer
    Ham Mer  yesterday

    The sad part is, you'll never realize the true potential of that RS7 in the USA especially on the highway. You need to ship that to Germany and let it breathe in it's own power-rich autobahn.

  • crazymicah123
    crazymicah123  yesterday

    The previous owner had the Quattro badge in the front

  • Dennis Vanderben
    Dennis Vanderben  yesterday

    Fuck the forklift guy, damaging HREs is a sin!!

  • 420 rob the 3rd
    420 rob the 3rd  yesterday

    It's funny that all of these salvage vids you just so happen to find the previous owner.....