Seth Rogen Struggled to Get Cast in His Wife's Film Like Father

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • Seth Rogen reveals a couple of ways he is slowly becoming his father, including his love of purses, and the reason his wife hesitated to cast him in her movie, Like Father.

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    Seth Rogen Struggled to Get Cast in His Wife's Film Like Father



  • Bill A.
    Bill A.  3 hours ago

    hey seth-
    maybe it’s because you’re an untalented jew shitbag!!

  • Freezy Puffs
    Freezy Puffs  7 hours ago

    I use a BACKPACK, : |

  • Josh Fletcher
    Josh Fletcher  13 hours ago

    I wish I could see it but I don't have Netflix because my internet does not allows good quality streaming

  • Al Frankenstein
    Al Frankenstein  19 hours ago

    Maybe she thinks you're a joke a douchebag that can't act. Because all your movies blow!

  • Ray B
    Ray B  19 hours ago

    Man, how terrible must Seth be at sex then?

  • H A S A
    H A S A  yesterday

    Good movie

  • Melissa Ginsburg
    Melissa Ginsburg  yesterday

    My dad taught me about the subtitles on Netflix. I love it.

  • mirror tape
    mirror tape  yesterday

    the way seth put it, i feel the need to watch every movie on netflix now

    IZZEND  2 days ago

    Peaky Blinders yeaaaah

  • Joy Scrimner
    Joy Scrimner  2 days ago

    Like all of Hollywood over the past half decade, his leftist fanaticism has made him a lot less funny to me.

  • anders damin
    anders damin  2 days ago

    Seth Rogen wrote a scene in his movie where an unconscious woman is raped. He thinks that's funny.

  • Vita Leonis
    Vita Leonis  2 days ago

    Rogen is a Socialist (communist) that is into the traitor Hillary

  • Anna Binder
    Anna Binder  3 days ago


  • anonymous user
    anonymous user  3 days ago

    That laugh though

  • Louise Cobain
    Louise Cobain  3 days ago

    He convinced me. Im watching it now

  • ADHD Dan
    ADHD Dan  3 days ago

    I’m Canadian” - thanks Seth. More Famous Canadians should be vocal about it.

  • Dumpster Fire
    Dumpster Fire  3 days ago +1

    i hate people considered celebrities

  • Dark Lord III
    Dark Lord III  3 days ago

    Jimmy fallon... So forced... Jesus

  • Sam Fusaro
    Sam Fusaro  3 days ago

    Seth I hope you get blackballed I think you are sorry second shit and you need to wipe your nose you have that Hillary shitstain on your nose apparently you've been rooting an awful lot course it could be all the talk show host asses you been sniffing too I hope you don't get chasten for any movies either and I hope your career ends up in the shitter you left-wing piece of shit I want to know are you going to cry when Trump wins in 2020 are you going to grab your little blanket and your little cup of cocoa and go to your safe space and cry We the People Trump 20/20 boycott all his shows boycott the TV shows he shows up on boycott sponsors TV stations and movies he's already down there with Miss Piggy Amy Schwimmer let's see if we can get him down to the next level with look at me I want attention Kathy Griffin and that cow Rosie O'Donnell so let's see if we can get him any lower than that after all the shit seeks its own level

  • BANKOH San
    BANKOH San  3 days ago

    blackbeard laugh