2018 FLW Live Coverage - Forrest Wood Cup - Day 1

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 10, 2018
  • Live: 6:30a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

    Tournament Info: https://www.flwfishing.com/tournament...


  • Aredd Fishing
    Aredd Fishing  21 hours ago

    Why don’t they do Forrest wood cup on the Potomac? How awesome would it be to have weigh in DC

  • Chad Drumm
    Chad Drumm  21 hours ago

    The way I look at it it’s cool to see the guys live on the water. But, with the live coverage now a days a top notch fan would NOT disturb these guys by following them around. You think you’re supporting your favorite angler, but really more times than not hurting their chances. For the life of me I don’t know how KVD wins as much as he does with all of the boats that follow him around! I know, I’ll probably get slammed for this perspective, but any logical thinking angler couldn’t help but agree!

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells  2 days ago

    That's Scott's fans I would have thought Mark Rose would have some experience with that I guess not. Don't anyone follow his boat?

  • Dustin allen
    Dustin allen  3 days ago +1

    Switch up the coverage of anglers why stay on one guy la bum for 6 hrs he is cool but some people are fans of other anglers

    • Rusty Wells
      Rusty Wells  2 days ago +1

      Dustin allen why don't you do like super fan and take your boat and whatch in person. And they can't follow but about 4 or 5 fisherman a day and it takes a lot of time effort and money to do that.

    • FishNSkate
      FishNSkate  3 days ago

      Dustin allen agree

  • James Howell
    James Howell  3 days ago

    Come on get the win Scott Martin!

  • Stefanie Walker
    Stefanie Walker  3 days ago

    Slow fishing. Both boring and interesting watching there decision making.

  • VeteranBassin
    VeteranBassin  3 days ago +2

    Nick Lebrun is my bet right now, that momentum he carries with that BFL All-American to the Cup, would definitely make a big mark.

  • Jim Denio
    Jim Denio  3 days ago

    Good luck to everyone! A glo white #2 Mepps spinner kills them

  • Lane Seaman
    Lane Seaman  3 days ago

    He should of used the rat l trap made for crappie and bluegill or a half inch to one inch spoon

    • Ozark Outdoorsman
      Ozark Outdoorsman  16 hours ago

      Lane Seaman they are the top notch professional anglers. Im pretty sure they can make their own decisions and also do well

  • Lane Seaman
    Lane Seaman  3 days ago

    He needed to work it a lot more aggressive you never see Thad just swimming slowly away from bad you see them jumping out of the water and going crazy

  • Nice Tele
    Nice Tele  4 days ago +1

    if i never see another tournament on lake whatchamalcallit ill be a happy man

  • Rangernation46
    Rangernation46  4 days ago

    Jackall Riser 007 helps me a lot ;)

  • Sho D
    Sho D  4 days ago +4

    Watching all the way from Kuwait. Lets Go Scott Martin aka BNT.

  • Michael Fritz
    Michael Fritz  4 days ago

    I get so mad when I'm fishing schools. I have zero issues finding the schools on my lake but I can only get a good bite during the fall.

  • Joe Brings
    Joe Brings  4 days ago

    What does Justin Atkins have in his livewell n why??

  • Matt Duprau
    Matt Duprau  4 days ago +2

    Let's go Johnston's & Gussy!! Bring it home boys 🇨🇦