Here's Why the 2018 Volkswagen Golf R Is Better Than its Rivals

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018


    The 2018 Volkswagen Golf R is a great hot hatchback -- and it's better than its rivals. Today I'm reviewing a Golf R, and I'm going to show you why the VW Golf R is such a great car.

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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  9 days ago +2177

    I hope you enjoy my parking sensor song ;)

  • BGBrygfjeld
    BGBrygfjeld  an hour ago

    With real European gas this car officially has 310hp - god damn Americans!

  • Edwin Noordman
    Edwin Noordman  2 hours ago

    In Europe, the Golf R has 310 hp and 0-100km in 4.6sec slightly faster than the Focus RS whit 4.7sec

  • Jeezus Garcia
    Jeezus Garcia  10 hours ago +2

    Can you do a review for the manual transmission for the few of us who want it lol everyone always does dsg

  • Jason Doctor
    Jason Doctor  14 hours ago

    He should test the R32 from 2004...the original one.

  • Stephen Flaherty
    Stephen Flaherty  16 hours ago

    The cheaper GTi version looks far better.

  • rezo84
    rezo84  17 hours ago

    SERIOUSLY Americans are making fun about emisions with you Truck-towing shows, Monstertruck shows and chiped trucks blasting the most black smoke on this planet?

  • Bob Outélama
    Bob Outélama  17 hours ago

    "Yes, they screwed up... and now Lenny Kravitz !"

  • Dutch St1mpy59
    Dutch St1mpy59  18 hours ago

    @doug my passat from 2002 also had the adjusting mirrors on both sides, my wife drive the car to and I sways find it handy when I had to adjust my mirrors to my view. The different ways to navigate is also handy. If want to go on a Sunday drive you can choose not to use the highway.

  • M P.
    M P.  23 hours ago

    Why Golf R when there is the A45?

  • Mr Memer
    Mr Memer  23 hours ago

    6:52 the whole car shakes, wow

  • Jeremy Montemayor

    40K is a big stretch for this car

  • Los Pinema
    Los Pinema  yesterday

    Do the GTI version! Please

  • ww2Mollison
    ww2Mollison  yesterday

    Type R is amazing. Legit.

  • Edysin Simon
    Edysin Simon  yesterday

    Wow! Dougie really makes the case for the Golf R!

  • MBDieselFreak
    MBDieselFreak  yesterday

    The real emissions scandal is the unneeded ridiculously high EPA standards for diesel engines that discourages diesel passenger cars in the US. that's of course besides the fact that modern diesels pollute less in every possible category than the comparable gasoline engine.

  • James Reid
    James Reid  yesterday

    Thanks for reviewing the V'dub R. Love my 2013. The AWD is where this car sings - it grips like a cat on corners; especially in the winter.

  • JP 10
    JP 10  yesterday

    LOOOL I love your videos.

  • Caleb Willis
    Caleb Willis  yesterday

    4:15 Doug's the type of guy to roast the shit out of a company for having a pun-ny title

  • Eoghan Hogan
    Eoghan Hogan  yesterday

    😄 @15:06 user manual custom designed for lawsuit/claim-culture america.