Toasted Tomato Sandwich - You Suck at Cooking (episode 79)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
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  • You Suck At Cooking
    You Suck At Cooking  6 days ago +575

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    • The Grunt
      The Grunt  3 days ago

      You Suck At Cooking it's better if you butter the toast first it gives it a whole new flavor.

    • CookieDoughFlow
      CookieDoughFlow  4 days ago

      You Suck At Cooking when will pimblokto come back?

    • Alicia Seecharan
      Alicia Seecharan  4 days ago

      You're truly a beast... Even with a soggy tomato sandwich. Lolz <3<3<3<3<3

  • Andrew reyes
    Andrew reyes  34 minutes ago

    He said illuminati

  • Dustin Driver
    Dustin Driver  an hour ago

    I love you, man.

  • Gigi Alegria
    Gigi Alegria  an hour ago

    1,032 people didn't eat their sandwich while it was crisp

  • Akif Ansari
    Akif Ansari  an hour ago +1

    How the hell do you make something so great by yourself that an entire team of YouTubers can't even attempt to compare to?

  • French Canadian Bastard

    8000 hp truck, remove a 0 and then cut that in half

  • Jeremy Lee
    Jeremy Lee  3 hours ago


  • N0 Abby N0
    N0 Abby N0  4 hours ago +1

    Back when people actually liked tomatoes

  • Sia Safai
    Sia Safai  5 hours ago

    Very stupid dumb asshole

  • Andrew Ray
    Andrew Ray  6 hours ago

    3:06 ...and you forgot bacon and lettuce...

  • Butterbros23445
    Butterbros23445  7 hours ago


  • yaaa Gg
    yaaa Gg  8 hours ago

    bro im high aff and im laughing hardd smms

  • Benjamin Li
    Benjamin Li  8 hours ago

    This is a BLT waiting to happen

  • Crea
    Crea  9 hours ago

    oh no.

  • At justweed*dot*ig instagram Alex

    These have become full blown masterpieces and you could easily make advertisements and highly paid prestigious content. This is fantastic.

  • Danny Hodge
    Danny Hodge  11 hours ago

    This may be my favorite video you've done, well played

  • seatoast
    seatoast  12 hours ago

    this sandwich has me crying in the club

  • Tonto Tube
    Tonto Tube  13 hours ago

    Great writing.

  • leftlanekennels
    leftlanekennels  14 hours ago

    Actually i been makythat for year only it was like a grill cheese with tomato and mayo black pepper that’s good eating

  • Cheese Grater
    Cheese Grater  14 hours ago

    İ just love you