Jeff Sessions Is Living His Best Confederate Life |The Daily Show



  • Fate/Stay Night Fanatic

    We laugh and parody now - but sooner or later, it's going to be a serious and worrisome affair.

  • Indigo Estevez
    Indigo Estevez  yesterday

    Trevor Noah is the funniest dude on earth! 🤣🤣

  • Jose Benjamin Vargas Terrero

    a missed opportunity to talk about inquisition

  • Rick Hale
    Rick Hale  yesterday

    There is absolutely nothing intellectual about what Sessions does.

  • Katherine Dorsey

    Sessions. The next confederate monument that needs to be obliterated.

  • onelove
    onelove  yesterday

    The New Millennium Crusades have begun.
    That rotten little sawed off bastard, fuck him and the Orange Cock he road in on!
    P.S. Fuck hypocritical religious people too, each and everyone!!

  • Sandra T
    Sandra T  2 days ago

    Not what we know as Confederate sympathizer today. But he has a opposed civil rights, voting rights, disparities in drug crime sentencing, etc. his entire adult life.

  • Ariel Mckenzie
    Ariel Mckenzie  2 days ago

    Jeff Sessions is afraid of his own shadow. 👌🏽🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • NDallas40
    NDallas40  3 days ago +1

    Our Moron in chief is the undisputed triple crown holder: 1- Hard core lying 2- Speed hypocrisy 3- Insulting, but accurate pet name author

  • twaflyer1
    twaflyer1  3 days ago

    Negra, it is you who can't see a fact from fiction! That guy Trevon seeks out White folks to attack, yes sarcastically, but what about all the Black FOOLS who illegally steal money, hurt others, just because they are Black and feel PRIVILEGED! The only statement I am making is for Trevon to be a REAL MAN, and attack those in his community first who are doing wrong and not characterize all of us as criminals?
    I want to laugh about Father JESSE JACKSON'S adventures for a change or some of the Black Chicago politicians who feel out of bounds, where they can do anything they want? Give us a laugh about them Trevon, but you are too afraid to attack those who have been shown to be guilty, but never fully admonished, or made fun of, but the Chicken-hearted Black Comedians like you seem to be?
    That is what Trevon is trying to do Lady, (Character assassination of a whole group,) and I just like this guy to be Fair and not whiplash us for No reason, as only a few people, out of the many MILLIONS of White folks who are honest and hardworking, who are being thought of as BAD GUYS, but deserve to be respected! This guy Trevon can't even spell the word RESPECT!

  • Debra Williams
    Debra Williams  3 days ago +1


  • rcb2418
    rcb2418  4 days ago

    Interesting. Freedom of religion and separation of church and state no longer matter. I once heard that being Satanic is a religion so why not consider atheism the same?
    Oh, that's right, because they don't specify that the religion they're talking about is only Evangelicalism.

  • Fifthelement203
    Fifthelement203  4 days ago

    I would totally watch that lol

  • Rosa Mcdonald
    Rosa Mcdonald  5 days ago

    I am waiting for the church of satan to start having fun with these guys!

  • ND
    ND  5 days ago

    Trevor. I adamantly disagree with Jeff. Voted for Hillary, and can't stand Trump. But bigotry is bigotry whether your bashing, gays, Christians, Jews, Muslims, blacks or women etc. This skit is in poor taste. Yes there are some people claiming to be Christians who are perverting what's in the Bible and are completely off base. Same with extremist Muslims. Same with extremist anybody. This video is encouraging people to hate all Christians. I am a fan of your show, and will continue to be, but this is divisive. Just look at the hate filled comments this segment has spurred. Love is love. But hate is also hate.

  • Lanstar Restoration

    He threw in Soul Foreal! Hahaha

  • Caston Young
    Caston Young  5 days ago

    It's blasphemous that Jeff Sessions is even allowed to say Christ. If his plans come to fruition he may tarnish the name of God to a degree that has not been done in the USA for a hundred years.

  • themsdwallace
    themsdwallace  5 days ago

    LMAO! So many people didn't know what song he was singing!!!! 🤣

  • djhero0071
    djhero0071  5 days ago

    What pisses me off the most about this is how conservatives get pissed having to say "happy holidays" instead of "merry Christmas ". That will always piss me off purely because of how stupid it is. Considering how many holidays are around that time, I just can't fathom how stupid these people are, thinking they're being prosecuted when the reality is NOT EVERYONE CELEBRATES THE SHITTY COMERCIALIZED GARBAGE HOLIDAY!!!!!

  • Dmitry Lyalin
    Dmitry Lyalin  6 days ago

    slow clap daily show.... slow clap