Can Body Positive & Fitness Enthusiasts Find Middle Ground?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • We brought people who represent body positive and fitness enthusiasts together to find middle ground. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈

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  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  14 days ago +886

    This is a conversation that we feel everyone can relate to and are glad we could bring people together to have a good conversation about. We hope you can enjoy and develop new insights on this topic! For more content, be sure to check out the Facebook Group (search "Jubileevers") as well as the Instagram! ( )

    • Chicken Stripz
      Chicken Stripz  3 days ago

      I'm just waiting for Android and Apple or Xbox and PlayStation.

    • aries delacruz.
      aries delacruz.  3 days ago

      you guys should do something related to autism! like for example people on the autism spectrum vs people who are not or something like that

    • Versailles
      Versailles  9 days ago

      Fact acceptance vs Fitness Enthusiast

    • Aspen Fowler
      Aspen Fowler  9 days ago

      i'd like to see a debate about age in relationships!!

    • Robert Harvey
      Robert Harvey  9 days ago

      Fat shaming fixed it for me. 265lb to 175lb in 5 months on keto. Feel amazing, in every way. Unless some relevant medical conditions, y’all making excuse

  • Angry Scottish Man
    Angry Scottish Man  59 minutes ago

    Nope!! Body positives are dumb and deni the fact that they're too lazy to workout OR they won't deni then fact that they are unhealthy.
    If they can't workout then that's very unfortunate. If possible they can find a way to get a little active to keep they're body working to keep it healthy.
    Fitness enthusiast have done the work, like I have, to know how the body works and what's good and bad for you. I'm an acceptable person but if someone come to me and says they're a body positive person they'd be getting a massive lecture
    #fatpride is a load of shit it should be #getfitandlivehealthy, just because people accept it in a community doesn't mean it's okay

  • Declan McBee
    Declan McBee  an hour ago

    That short haired bitch is thin and needs to shut the fuck up

  • Zofia Milejski
    Zofia Milejski  2 hours ago

    I really like the bald guy, he looks like he's super interested in what everyone's saying!

  • angel42292
    angel42292  2 hours ago

    Wow, reading these comments slandering and generalizing body positive people is the very reason discussions like these are needed. Stop disguising your hatred for larger bodies as a concern for their health.

  • Anthony 16
    Anthony 16  3 hours ago

    Fitness is fun.

  • SuperVro
    SuperVro  4 hours ago

    fit bodies are the best bodies

  • M D
    M D  6 hours ago

    How are they healthy if they’re fat? It’s clearly not muscle they’re fat

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd  6 hours ago

    Maybe next there could be a video with people who are objectively ugly and people who are beautiful. And they just talk about how they feel their faces affect their outlook.

  • Jade
    Jade  6 hours ago

    Of course everyone in the comment section is attacking the overweight side of the group.

  • Reece White
    Reece White  7 hours ago

    Its so anoying when people do stuff like when that one girl said but plus sized modeling isnt popular. The guy was literally trying to be nice and he was saying that plus sized modeling got more popular over the years, but the girl had to go all sjw on him

  • Chris Molsbee
    Chris Molsbee  8 hours ago +1

    Show unedited shows. I want to see what they are really saying and not just what you want us to hear.

  • RedSkinMonkey
    RedSkinMonkey  10 hours ago

    What if this "body positive" dialogue ends up resulting in: "hey its not a good idea idea to be over weight".

  • tyler
    tyler  10 hours ago

    Holy shit these people are actually all low IQ Americans. Even the 'fitness experts' knew literally nothing about health or fitness. The body positive people were retarded. The fitness people were all body positive.

    • Damon Divine
      Damon Divine  6 hours ago

      tyler Why don’t you email me and try to see how much knowledge I have about health and fitness.
      You don’t know me. All you’re seeing is a 9 minute video. Don’t judge people. It’s not cool.

  • frites french
    frites french  10 hours ago

    Body positive people making excuses ofcourse

  • Nick Williams
    Nick Williams  11 hours ago

    i take care of my body. girl is 5,6 250

  • Alexis Monai
    Alexis Monai  14 hours ago

    Did he just come for soul food 🤯 tsk tsk tsk

  • Gerbrand van dijk
    Gerbrand van dijk  14 hours ago +1

    As a fat person, I can’t level with the body positive people, it just sounds like hypocrisy to me. Anyone that would have the choice between being fit and being fat would choose being fit, if not you’re just being an idiot

  • RextheRebel
    RextheRebel  15 hours ago

    I support people doing what they want, and i want people to comfortable in their body but we need to understand that sometimes our body betrays us. The girl in the yellow wasn't big btw. And as for the other lady, what the fuck was she wearing?? Body positivity is not the same as whatever that shit was.

  • Mairsile
    Mairsile  16 hours ago +1

    All these people are so respectful of each other! Awesome!

    • Damon Divine
      Damon Divine  6 hours ago

      Mairsile Thank you very much for your positive comment! And thank you for watching!