NBA 2K19 - Take the Crown

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • To be the best, you have to take down the king. Watch the first official footage of NBA 2K19, featuring music from hip-hop artist Jay Rock. Pre Order now:


  • Dennis Schröder
    Dennis Schröder  51 minutes ago

    i already have this game...

  • Tyomi
    Tyomi  an hour ago +1

    Shits gonna be ass

  • Elite891
    Elite891  2 hours ago

    I hope It doesn't take so long to get my overall up where basically you have to pay to keep going. I also hope they don't add some random side character like B fresh, or That dude in 17 or Vic in 16.

  • Elite891
    Elite891  2 hours ago

    The trailers always look so much cooler than the actual game. 👀😖

  • Mememakerofficial
    Mememakerofficial  3 hours ago

    This legit the same trailer as last two years but with different music

  • Smith
    Smith  4 hours ago

    i don't care about no cinematic man just show me the shot meters and that like dang

  • Clutch Master
    Clutch Master  4 hours ago


  • Hector Capellan
    Hector Capellan  4 hours ago

    From 2k15 all the way till 2k18 they where all ass making people pay 60 bucks for updated rosters and making this game pay to win on top of that tho

  • Mario Ivezaj
    Mario Ivezaj  4 hours ago

    So fake

  • Nitelynx
    Nitelynx  4 hours ago

    Literally nothing new just reused assets from 2k18

  • Christian
    Christian  4 hours ago


  • Xx_saber3d_up
    Xx_saber3d_up  4 hours ago

    Bruh every 2k is tje same shit the fuck ill just keep 18

    GOCRAZYJAMES  5 hours ago +1


  • Robert Porter
    Robert Porter  5 hours ago

    Looks exactly the same as last years

  • TDNR G29
    TDNR G29  5 hours ago

    Same bs year after year

  • Shadow
    Shadow  5 hours ago

    Thumbnail looking like it came from ps2

  • Rutvij DaBro
    Rutvij DaBro  5 hours ago

    0:43 why Steph looking like that

  • Martin Payne
    Martin Payne  5 hours ago

    I'm not sure why people buy this crap. Same thing every year, while being filled with anti-consumer shit. People, I'm not saying basketball games are bad at all, I'm saying these developers are bad and are milking the hell out of their fan base!!

  • YaBoiHippo69
    YaBoiHippo69  5 hours ago

    -I’m finna cop NBA Live this year instead of 2K, who with me-

  • Christian Agoncillo

    2k dislikes on this video lmfa