BLEAKAH  a minute ago

  • BlickGang Beezo
    BlickGang Beezo  14 minutes ago

  • Haixian
    Haixian  18 minutes ago

    Stevie wonder never lets you down

  • Daniel Isom
    Daniel Isom  19 minutes ago

    Perfect way to explain how this song is bullshit. He says they did not create commandments. The whole Bible was written by a man in a jail cell.
    All religion is lies. I believe in God but, this song is BS. We were made in the image of God. If we were made to be on his image then how are we not supposed to be like God or strive to be like God? Travis $cott is smart as hell and holds himself back to make money off the dumb mother fuckers who buy into his shit. Quit settling and being complacent. Fight for what you want out of music. Fight for a better future. Fight for your right to party. 😂 Nah but for real though this song is garbage.

  • Saadman Sakib Roudra
    Saadman Sakib Roudra  21 minutes ago

    2:40 travis put on the aj1, 2:50 travis switched to aj4 cactus jack!!!!!!

  • Sajeel Hasan
    Sajeel Hasan  25 minutes ago

    God is a Woman reference?

  • Raad Barris
    Raad Barris  28 minutes ago

    This nigga is a ocultist

  • 6000000000 MON TREJohnson
    New Travis scott- single××××***

  • galutsus 2000
    galutsus 2000  39 minutes ago +1

    A message for Ariana Grande

  • benito camelas
    benito camelas  41 minutes ago

    Tiene buen ritmo

  • Nazeel Chaudhry
    Nazeel Chaudhry  49 minutes ago +1

    Best song of the whole album. Dont @ me.

  • Joris Venken
    Joris Venken  54 minutes ago

    That hmm at the begin is so cool

  • Spike Spiegel
    Spike Spiegel  54 minutes ago

    Highlighted reply: Oh yeah. Travis. Stop trying to be god nigga. Lol

  • The Black Al Bundy
    The Black Al Bundy  an hour ago +1

    If there is a number higher than 1 Travis Scott just freaking reached it!!!!

  • Gerald Green
    Gerald Green  an hour ago

    People looking for PROOF that the Bible is factual...? Watch this beautiful video then

  • Duh its mara
    Duh its mara  an hour ago

    It so sad travis and serve god he know a lot about God

  • Angel Nalugo
    Angel Nalugo  an hour ago

    Is song is about ksi saying he is a God

  • Tochukwu Udu
    Tochukwu Udu  an hour ago

    2:40 to 2:46 magic

  • Lil Basexcx
    Lil Basexcx  an hour ago

    Stop trying to be god Travis Scott nigga’s be like Kanye nigga’s I am a god

  • Young Reefer
    Young Reefer  an hour ago

    this fucking video is insane on acid its not the same its so fucking epic