BEST CHEESESTEAK Sandwich in Philadelphia! Philly Cheesesteak Tour

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • So glad that I got to do a Cheesesteak Tour when I visited Philadelphia this time because when you are in Philly, you got to eat some good Philly Cheesesteak!!
    Cheesesteak sandwiches have always been one of my favorite kind of sandwiches, that's why I had to make it my mission to see what the best Cheesesteak Sandwich that Philly has to offer!

    Not only did I get to taste the cheesiest Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich that was oozing out with cheese, but I also got to try one of the biggest Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches too! This Cheesesteak sandwich is filled with an insanely amount of toppings, full of juicy seasoned meat, fried onions, peppers and most of all, and it has so much cheese!
    Mmm, thank you, Philadelphia for your fantastic Cheesesteak Sandwiches, I will be back for more of that cheesy sandwich!

    1)John’s Roast Pork
    2)Jim’s Steaks
    4)Max’s Steaks

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  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  6 days ago +280

    What's your favorite Philly Cheese spot?

  • Joe Santa Maria
    Joe Santa Maria  an hour ago

    The best Sandwich in Philly isn’t a Cheesesteak at all, it’s Tony Luke’s Roast Pork Italian. Better than Johns, better than Dinics by far.

  • Susie B
    Susie B  3 hours ago

    Philly home sweet home !

  • Jackkey Brown
    Jackkey Brown  4 hours ago

    U must come to Kansas City

  • paul may
    paul may  7 hours ago

    Tony Luke’s breakfast sammich and a tony Luke’s Italian hoagie, and tony Luke’s cheese steak and tony Luke’s roast pork!cant beat tony Luke’s!🤤

  • Phil McGroin
    Phil McGroin  7 hours ago

    Re up load?

  • tgulley1
    tgulley1  8 hours ago

    My family and I are in Philly right now for the first time for 2 days and we are going to Jim's Steaks as I type...thank you Mike!...headed to NYC for 1 day tomorrow...can't wait to check out a couple of your ramen recommendations!

  • Kevin Mai
    Kevin Mai  8 hours ago

    How in the world can you eat so much?

  • TraumaCenter13
    TraumaCenter13  8 hours ago +1

    443 vegans dislike this video.

    POND ERSOA  10 hours ago

    1.johns roast pork is good
    2 ok i do not necessarily agree with cheez wiz... As a pursuit it has to be a hard cheese...
    ( however it permissible under the constitution of Philadelphia !)
    3. Jims on south street is another good to great choice HOWEVER.... Jims in west philly (on 62 st IS THE ORIGINAL and therefore holds the lead )
    4 have not been to cleavers ..its new, hip and looks trendy ...THIS COULD BE DANGEROUS we will see....
    5 Max"s on broad st is oooookay .. but not really inline with the champions..... the steak IS big as hell ... but it is ...just ok and.... some have said that max steaks are so big ..
    .the Taliban hates america because of it ....

    5. YOU FOUND IT !!!!! DELASANDROS ...Hallelujah!!!!! PRAISE GOD IN HEAVEN !!!!!!!
    this is where GOD actually goes when he gets hungry ...
    yeah its true..... AND CAROL in the green tee ( 18:51 )shirt at delasandros .is a goddess !!!

  • luis martinez
    luis martinez  12 hours ago

    rolandos super tacos san antonio tx.

  • luis martinez
    luis martinez  12 hours ago

    that music being played, thats a knock off of the band mineral end serenading album.

  • Roger Torrez
    Roger Torrez  14 hours ago

    Nice looking dumpling yum

  • Arghh
    Arghh  15 hours ago

    you missed the local hot spots... Ish Kabibbles and Steve's prince of steaks..

  • Maximus Moon
    Maximus Moon  16 hours ago

    Hey Mike thanks for visiting Philadelphia keep up the good work!

  • Kamron Thurmond
    Kamron Thurmond  17 hours ago

    I used to have a Philly Cheese Steak Connection within walking distance of where I work. I miss it so much. Such a good sandwich. Mushroom Swiss steak where have you gone... T_T

  • J T
    J T  22 hours ago

    your poor toilet!

  • Corbachev
    Corbachev  yesterday

    You always have such good visuals in your videos. I love the way you will almost be done with your meal, but then flash back to before you started eating. 🍴🤤😮😋

  • KittyNakajima
    KittyNakajima  yesterday

    I went to Jim's last year when I went to Philly (from Australia) and it was so good! The roll was great too!

  • Tony Gintonic
    Tony Gintonic  yesterday

    idk about the taste but the second one was probably one of the best looking cheese steak I have ever seen .... damn