Daddy Dave vs Promod during testing

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018


  • Damion Solomon
    Damion Solomon  3 hours ago

    Everyone who talking against Dave don't know about cars that pro mod should've had a bigger gap than that on Dave. Dave getting faster and faster

  • Brian Reynolds
    Brian Reynolds  6 hours ago

    Dave is a crying little bitch

  • Richard Sparrow
    Richard Sparrow  7 hours ago

    Tube chassis pro mod motor over 2000 horsepower street car 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • brianmathew09
    brianmathew09  8 hours ago

    yeah..good job,...dont show the ET

  • adam kane
    adam kane  8 hours ago

    Give the boy credit regardless of the disadvantage he has he not afraid to race those overpowered under weighted promod trackracers badass right fear🤙🤙...we gotta new chief in town 🤭🤭

  • Robby King
    Robby King  yesterday

    Street racers are the real idiots we had one due the other night, daddy Dave showing that these guys on the show are no talent hacks he lost on the line he was so damn slow off the line, plus he slipped and fish tailed which doesn't help when you don't get your tires hot enough you don't stick, shows how much you street racers know about real racing it's all about the lines that usually were the race is won or lost, no way to cheat the light like with an arm drop or flashlight start, I see JJ da bitch cheat someone with an arm drop he pointed his index finger just before he dropped his arms and his wife took off

  • Robert Angel RC
    Robert Angel RC  5 days ago

    Ta dura esa carrera es como manda

  • James Wright
    James Wright  6 days ago +1

    Every body just mad cause they can't dr like daddy Dave .let's face it .u gotta have cry babies some where

  • Stan
    Stan  6 days ago

    He hung with him. Not too shabby

    • Mark Panbecker
      Mark Panbecker  3 days ago

      Cut Dave's weight down to the pro-mods and Dave prolly would have won....

  • Joe & Becky Clark

    That’s one badass ride Dave I like it

  • Christian Savage
    Christian Savage  7 days ago

    Bad ass

  • This Dudes A Dik
    This Dudes A Dik  7 days ago +7

    “It’s not a street car” “it’s not a street car” morons do realize they’ve never claimed any of their cars are daily driver street cars. They say “street raced cars”. Which means normally they race on asphalt/concrete. Some people are just a bit too ignorant to know the difference between “street car” and “street raced car”. They’ve even modified the opening narration for Street Outlaws to say “some of the fasted STREET RACED CARS in the nation”.

    • Outlaw Rail
      Outlaw Rail  6 hours ago

      yes we know that 2 wheels. I was being a smartass about their magnet rule they use to designate it as a street car lol. Me personally I like the outlaw stuff. I've raced the Outlaw Rail in the streets for almost 20 years. Long before we ever heard of them or Pinks....Calm down bossman ,its all good man.

    • Andy Paradise
      Andy Paradise  6 hours ago +1

      I think most of us assumed they weren't street cars if they always bring them to race in trailers.

    • 2Wheels OutDoors
      2Wheels OutDoors  17 hours ago

      You morons realize you are yapping about them not being street cars... like an argument... to a post clearly stating they are not street cars. How on earth are you going to argue with something you agree with? Does anyone read these days? Are you guys that dumb?

    • Outlaw Rail
      Outlaw Rail  2 days ago

      This Dudes a Dik … yeah its crazy then they say. Well if a magnet sticks to the roof its a street car. LMAO.. Who cares if a magnet will stick, it's on a full tube chassis RACE car. They should run Backhalf only if they so worried about being close to real street stuff. These rules are just insane.

    • BarneyMiller
      BarneyMiller  3 days ago

      Hey lp, heres a video of the crow being driven the street, in DAYLIGHT O.0
      And heres one of the Murder Nova LOL

  • Frank Mitchell
    Frank Mitchell  7 days ago +1

    Its no way dave shouldnt even be close to that promod just show how much power and driving dave got behind running with them boys lol promods get yo weight up frfr

    • BarneyMiller
      BarneyMiller  2 days ago

      481x+giant procharger=More power than the free world LOL

    • Mark Panbecker
      Mark Panbecker  3 days ago

      NOOOOOObody gets the power to the ground like Dave. It is pure HOOK start to finish...well most of the time anyway.

  • Donald Tate
    Donald Tate  7 days ago

    The sting ray vette need to give birdman a sting in the Ass...Yikes lol

    • Mark Panbecker
      Mark Panbecker  3 days ago

      Wont happen...
      I've seen it too many times that blowers in the 8th dont compete against turbos like Birdman.

    • Andra Edwards
      Andra Edwards  7 days ago

      Donald Tate won't happen

  • Twisted Steel
    Twisted Steel  7 days ago +2

    Damn good run. Maybe a car and a half but every thing considered great pass. Especially behind about 1,000 hp and bad aero, plus the little bit of added weight. I'd say a damn good pass.

  • Dat boy good
    Dat boy good  7 days ago

    I’m sorry but if your over 2000 hp and less than 3000 lbs your a promod ! End of story it don’t matter if you have sheeps skin for quarter panels !!!

    • BarneyMiller
      BarneyMiller  2 days ago

      If your stock wheelbase with stock panel dimensions then it doesnt mean fuck all what the cars made of or how much power it makes its NOT a promod. Maybe stop watching street outlaws and learn what the term actually fucking means.

    • GRPABT1
      GRPABT1  5 days ago


    • Dat boy good
      Dat boy good  6 days ago

      Ribble dean so is true street ??? What’s your point??

    • Ribble dean
      Ribble dean  6 days ago

      Dat boy good did you know that a pro mod is a class?

  • Eric Mayo
    Eric Mayo  8 days ago +4

    Yea he got ass busted but figure the numbers promod is way lighter mor horses an Dave hung with it. Shows how tough Goliath is

    • Eric Mayo
      Eric Mayo  3 days ago

      Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood do u prefer a procharger turbo or supercharger

    • Eric Mayo
      Eric Mayo  3 days ago

      Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood there was another guy there when ronnie was . he an old Willy's car

    • Eric Mayo
      Eric Mayo  3 days ago

      Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood gotcha. That style blower car reminds of ronnie sox back in day when he had the onsat car I saw in Kinston NC. I live not to far from there

    • Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood
      Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood  4 days ago

      Eric Mayo nahh that blower car is probably Brad Anderson hemi and with a the baddest screw blower you can bolt on one will make around 3500 a proline 481x with a F143 procharger will and has made 4000+ and with turbos to same with proline hemi Brad Anderson Hemis are cheaper and alot of promos and rvw cars run then because it's hard to put 3000hp to the ground plus you get a weight break for running roots style blowers and you can still make that power with a big roots and come in at a lighter weight

    • Eric Mayo
      Eric Mayo  4 days ago

      Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood that pro mod liable have 4000 hp

    RANDY DOCKEN  8 days ago

    Don't care for Dave never have but that car is fast and he can drive it would of really like to see them times fuck mph

  • Quinton Williams
    Quinton Williams  8 days ago +4

    Dave got that ass bust!

    • GRPABT1
      GRPABT1  5 days ago

      Fucken amateurs in here haha. He was testing FFS who gives a shit if he lost to a nobody in a nothing race.

    • matt gixxer
      matt gixxer  6 days ago

      Twisted Steel so your saying Goliath has a carbon body with steel roof and quarters glued on? Or is it a full steel body with carbon doors/trunk and glass fenders and bumpers?

    • sbrMILITIA
      sbrMILITIA  7 days ago

      Quinton Williams what am I butt hurt about? Cause Sesame Street outlaw got out ran.

    • Twisted Steel
      Twisted Steel  7 days ago +1

      ScoeSmith804 Yeah, I think it's his roof and quarters that are steel.

    • ScoeSmith804
      ScoeSmith804  7 days ago

      Twisted Steel I was referring to Dave having a steel body. Maybe not all steel, majority steel.

  • D Carden
    D Carden  8 days ago +1

    Real street shit "back up reverse lights/ turn signals"

    • 2Wheels OutDoors
      2Wheels OutDoors  17 hours ago

      yeah real street shit with his solid block and no cooling system so he can't run the car for more than a minute without melting it. That's like slapping a wig on Terry Crews and being like "yo that woman is fine!"