Here's Everything That's Broken on My Bargain Rolls Royce Phantom

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
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  • will f
    will f  an hour ago

    Sounds like you know what a $80.000 jolly old English kick in the ass feels like!😂

  • minus minoas
    minus minoas  2 hours ago

    real life van wilder this guy.

  • David Adams
    David Adams  3 hours ago

    I'd punch you in the mouth for the price it will cost you to fix this car. Just for fun.

  • mrmasterplaster999
    mrmasterplaster999  5 hours ago

    The pax system is not new or experimental it is also not a runflat tyre it is a runflat system and is now going to be discontinued

  • Cardinal Biggles
    Cardinal Biggles  7 hours ago

    Not a bad snagging list after 13 years of hard use.
    Unfortunately it's not Ford parts prices.
    "If you have to ask the price.... you can't afford it!"

  • Basti B.
    Basti B.  9 hours ago

    @12:58 did the wizard pee himself when he saw all those error codes?

  • Uisap Outlook
    Uisap Outlook  9 hours ago

    Redo the wrap in red or with some hoopty motive

  • PassFissn
    PassFissn  10 hours ago +1

    We like this never ending story also..
    Good luck and have fun with it.

  • Faiez Al-Luqman
    Faiez Al-Luqman  15 hours ago

    Get Forgiatos instead they’ll cost you almost the same, right?

  • Sean McGivney
    Sean McGivney  18 hours ago

    That's the great thing about YouTube, you can view so many different slices of life in our world. His $80.000, purchase might be like me spending, $80.00, or $800.00, or even $8.00.

  • Nardo Polo
    Nardo Polo  18 hours ago

    Some people will buy anything....should have just bought a Jeep Wrangler haha

  • senorkaboom
    senorkaboom  18 hours ago

    Well, there goes a long held belief. I always though a Rolls was built to such a high standard, they would go forever with regular maintenance. I found out here they’re just another car on the road that, well, has the usual old car issues. Really a let down.

  • rmkensington
    rmkensington  19 hours ago +1

    You could easily cut 8 minutes out of these videos

  • Bigsky Guy
    Bigsky Guy  19 hours ago

    I bought a Hummer H1 knowing it had issues. And yeah, I feel you pain. Mine was also $10k in repairs.

  • plumbandsquare1
    plumbandsquare1  20 hours ago


  • PrincetonTV
    PrincetonTV  21 hours ago

    Mask the chrome bits (exposing only the pitted chrome) and use steel wool, Try it on a scrap piece of chrome it works, 000 wool and don't push hard., The run flat tires sound awful.

  • Consistent Inconsistency
    Consistent Inconsistency  21 hours ago +1

    I subscribed to your channel only because of that Grey Poupon intro skit.
    I didn't even watch the entire vid, you deserve a sub simply because of that creative intro. Cool reference.
    And shoutouts to Kanye and Kendrick Lamar for making Grey Poupon relevant again.

  • Pavel T
    Pavel T  22 hours ago

    Funny how expensive cars last less longer then cheap ones? Rolls/Corolla? 😅

  • tripjet999
    tripjet999  23 hours ago +1

    @5:10 - Clown-pajama bottoms.

  • Nzila Ng'andu
    Nzila Ng'andu  23 hours ago

    Get aftermarket wheels and take it to the body for the chrome pieces lol you should just get the whole thing rewrapped hah!