Did Garnet's Future Vision See Someone Shatter on Homeworld? [Steven Universe Theory] Crystal Clear

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • Did Garnet foresee a gem's demise in Legs from Here to Homeworld when the gang prepares their diplomatic mission? Are the fates of Steven Universe, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond and even Connie in jeopardy now that they're up against White Diamond? Or are fans reading a bit too much into dialogue? Let's talk about it on Crystal Clear!

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  • Monolith Budget
    Monolith Budget  8 hours ago

    So, what if White can mess with Steven's powers? What if they're not fully Pink's? I mean... he can enter dreams, he can enter someone's mind... don't those sound like mind powers? If we assume Pink Pearl was resurrected by White, what if that's her power, and something she can take away? What if what Garnet saw was both Lion and Lars losing their life--or even worse for Steven... become white. WAIT! What if Pink resurrected Pink Pearl, and White took it for herself? How creepy would it be to see a pale Lars without emotion being used to manipulate Steven?

  • Carrot Cake Apple Bapple

    Pink Connie. Pink skinned Connie. Lars was stop one. Connie could possibly be revived. Pink Stevonnie is the result.

  • Luna RoseWell
    Luna RoseWell  14 hours ago

    What if pearl gets shattered??

  • Magic Dragon1235
    Magic Dragon1235  15 hours ago

    Is it bad that I kinda want sapphire to get shattered....
    I know I’m a bad person

  • Armani Gucci
    Armani Gucci  17 hours ago +1

    Garnet didn’t predict the Diamonds coming because sapphire promised not to use her future vision on her wedding day.

  • David O'Byrne
    David O'Byrne  yesterday

    2:51ah I Love it when that happens😁

  • Malcis
    Malcis  yesterday

    I take that Garnet knew Greg was most worried about Steven, and so directed her response at his most pressing fear

  • IamTastypants
    IamTastypants  yesterday +1

    So I think it is really important to note that on the wedding episode, right after the opening song, Ruby tells Sapphire not to use future vision. If it is actually possible for her to suppress that power, then that would explain why she didn't see them coming sooner?

  • Periwinkle Pie
    Periwinkle Pie  yesterday

    I think garnet has been closing her third eye since pool hopping as to keep things spontaneous. But when she found out that they were going to homeworld to meet white diamond the used her future vision because it's a dangerous situation.

  • J-Meltz
    J-Meltz  yesterday

    I think at least one crystal gem has to have something bad happen to them theres no reason to foreshadow this much most of the time steven universe foreshadows things way ahead of time so theres really no telling but I think Garnet cant see herself being safe because she will be split up due to homeworld hating fusion so she cant see herself

  • Chemical Mind
    Chemical Mind  yesterday

    I don’t care hahahahaha (jk) whatever happen happen

  • anyanP
    anyanP  yesterday

    I think it was Garnet's way to say "we gonna keep Steven safe no matter what"

  • Kylee P.
    Kylee P.  2 days ago

    Or Steven gets mind controlled and shatters a gem (maybe?)

  • DuckHunt(AxelRoxasXion)

    Don’t get me wrong the theory of cat Stevens eye being blue meaning sapphire will be ok while ruby won’t, is interesting and makes sense but what if it’s not ruby and sapphire but is actually blue and yellow being represented. Or lapis and peridot

  • Vanessa Chingman
    Vanessa Chingman  2 days ago

    Garnet closed her future vision off and that why she didn't see the dimond you can tell by when she took off her glasses third eye is closed

  • noah Bradley
    noah Bradley  2 days ago

    The reason for not being able to predict the future or more or less a few seconds to a minute into the future is because she does not have the power to Future Vision with the power that she does have or more specifically that sapphires seem to have would be called something closer to pattern recognition the main difference between Future Vision and pattern recognition is that Future Vision allows you to see the future pattern prediction allows you to guess the future based on current information which is why when Sapphire worked for blue she could only see one future this was because no gems went against the diamonds wishes so there was no possibility for a different outcome until the day in blue diamonds Court though there are other instances where she wasn't able to predict the future this can be considered more less confirmed from the episode Pool hopping and which she actually tell Steven that she could not predict what Steven was going to do because she didn't understand who Steven was at that time she was still seeing him at his he was when he was younger as a result of her power being pattern prediction it means that she cannot see something that she can't understand in the same way she couldn't see the diamonds coming there because there was no information about the diamonds at all

  • Temi Sola-Daniel
    Temi Sola-Daniel  2 days ago

    LMAO "Fun times in Beach City" **booing in the background**

  • BananaBlack 123
    BananaBlack 123  3 days ago

    This feeds into a genocide theory I posted on the revival of pearl theory. If Garnet saw a future in which White can poof everyone at once (since their forms are made out of light and she obviously controls it.) Then that is probably why she was ok with only sending a few crystal gems. Each one has their own purpose to serve. Pearl to give steven more white and pink info. steven to directly defeat white. Connie to either sacrifice herself in combat, or fuse with steven because the light magic doesn't work on her or steven. The diamonds will aid steven in fighting her, possibly forming obsidian????? idk just a theory

  • Renato Ramos de Oliveira Correia

    Garnet had her eye closed during the wedding, that's why she didn't see the diamonds.

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