The Rogue Tesla Mechanic Resurrecting Salvaged Cars

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
  • Rich is a car enthusiast whose passion is to find wrecked Teslas, bring them back to life, and then share his repair adventures on his YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds.

    When he found out that Tesla would not service or support his salvaged cars, he took it upon himself to scour the internet and harvest working parts from several busted Teslas. He Frankensteined them together until his creations were fully operational, at a fraction of what it would cost to buy a new or certified pre-owned Tesla.

    Motherboard travels to Massachusetts to meet with the rogue mechanic leading a grassroots movement of DIY fixers who are taking back the right to repair the things they own.

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  • Giovanni Maria Castoldi

    Amazing man! AMAZING!

  • Polarised Society
    Polarised Society  an hour ago

    We need more people like this man.

  • Sputnik
    Sputnik  2 hours ago

    A junkyard is a junkyard is a junkyard.

  • Spooningleadstoforking

    Those batteries would be great for off grid.

  • David Powell
    David Powell  4 hours ago

    If Elon Musk runs Tesla the same way that PayPal is run there is no way on earth that I would ever consider buying one. It amazes me the shit that company gets away with.

  • Christian Hunter
    Christian Hunter  4 hours ago

    This may be the only guy on YouTube I like.

  • Harry PAnnU !
    Harry PAnnU !  5 hours ago


    LIVE FREE OR DIE  5 hours ago

    Are they making the decision of whether or not to service a particular car on their perception of the owner??

  • Thor Long
    Thor Long  6 hours ago

    Tesla released all their patents to allow for open source options back in 2014.

  • DubstepDrag0n
    DubstepDrag0n  7 hours ago

    best case scenario, he does get to open his own repair shop that's permitted, supplied, and licensed by Tesla. All they do is get him what he needs and he repairs the cars.

  • jm watches
    jm watches  7 hours ago

    Isn’t this what YouTube all about? Great work & passion all the way around!

  • who8myfish
    who8myfish  7 hours ago

    I hate this business model. It's literally the only reason I don't use Apple products. The products are great but the company that makes them is so greedy it's evil.

  • Jackson Banks
    Jackson Banks  8 hours ago

    Just like apple, except apple is worse

  • Blackbourne Worldwide

    Let me know if you need a programmer for your cars. I am more than happy to help!

  • John Scone
    John Scone  8 hours ago

    This is part of why I believe all copyright laws are oppressive and unnecessary.

  • Prod Simson
    Prod Simson  8 hours ago

    Apple does the same thing with their products. You have to be a certified apple repair tech or they can sue your repair business. I hope Tesla wouldn't do something like that to this guy. Keep fighting the fight!

  • harry boothole
    harry boothole  11 hours ago

    i'm surprised the modules aren't vin coded to prevent swapping parts from car to car. e

  • Ryan Orion
    Ryan Orion  11 hours ago

    How does fixing your own carc create jobs?

  • SuperStruct
    SuperStruct  11 hours ago +1

    Hoarder... or genius?

  • cowtune
    cowtune  11 hours ago

    Rich, you are an inspiration. Who says one person can't make a difference? Thank you for sharing your obsession :).