UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB (2018) Endings Explained

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 28, 2018
  • Digging into the darkest corners of the internet in the techno horror sequel UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB, which features TWO different endings. Learn all about the story and what happens in both endings.

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  • Angel VanZant
    Angel VanZant  6 hours ago +1

    Lord crazy leave it a lone😒

  • Skeletron 9000
    Skeletron 9000  6 hours ago


  • Starw24
    Starw24  9 hours ago

    What happens when you go on the dark web without that vpn

  • Charge Rim2
    Charge Rim2  11 hours ago


  • Penguin KING!
    Penguin KING!  13 hours ago

    Unfriended 3; Never trust free Vbucks

  • Matias Fernandez
    Matias Fernandez  13 hours ago

    Characters with weird names like 'Matias' are always dumb.

  • DrippyBoi Tray
    DrippyBoi Tray  14 hours ago +1

    dont he look like luna a little bit?

  • Mcdovin
    Mcdovin  16 hours ago


  • GhostlyCas
    GhostlyCas  16 hours ago

    I find it funny that people think movies like this that don’t say this is based off of a true story are legit true and then all those horror movies about possessions and poltergeists that literally do say this is based off of a true story and then they say oh yea that’s fake that shit doesn’t exist people are just imaginative and dumb.

    XXXTINTECION  18 hours ago

    I know how to get on the deepweb....

  • Jacob Farniok
    Jacob Farniok  yesterday

    Hey, if it’s okay to tell. How much money do u actually make from YouTube? Because u have to be buying lots a movies to be able to make these videos right?

  • YourBoi Reaper
    YourBoi Reaper  yesterday

    but i liked damen or whatever his name was ;c

  • Cameron Field
    Cameron Field  yesterday

    What are these people doing play CAH with physical cards over Skype. When my friends play over Skype like any other sane person we use the online version

  • Jonathan Becerra

    Unfriended 3: Omegle

  • Aster
    Aster  yesterday

    actually you are referring to the deep dark web, the dark web is just things that aren't gonna show up as easily due to search engines only showing you what they want you to, here lemme give you a nice little key for the definitions:
    the web:things that are easy to find and often advertised by search engines
    the dark web:rarer sites and images that one has to use specific methods or spend time looking for for them to access them
    the deep dark web: a very hard to access part of the web that takes quite a bit of know how to access in the first place, and even if you do know how to get to it you likely wouldn't want to, as the things you see are commonly twisted and the services you might find might just break you.

  • theoddboy out
    theoddboy out  yesterday

    Hi ladz how *Muffeled screem*

  • Cameron Brown
    Cameron Brown  yesterday

    I thought the message would be don’t steal shit

  • Specter
    Specter  yesterday

    This is why we use Windows 😂 #jk

  • Scornogia
    Scornogia  yesterday

    That's what ya get for using a mac...

    PABSITTER  yesterday

    Dead meat or found flix