Top 10 Darkest Movie Theories



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    And if fan theories are your thing, why not check out WatchMojo Uk's list of the Top 10 Harry Potter Fan theories?

    • ThePurgatorian Agent
      ThePurgatorian Agent  3 days ago

      No. It's Josh AND Mike killed Heather for Blair Witch.
      Don't you guys watch Film Theory?
      It's cause they set it up so the witch was real and they could get paid for the film since they would get less money than her.

    • Jonathan Mason
      Jonathan Mason  3 days ago Or maybe he was just Dated back too far that the records were lost

    • James Galb
      James Galb  4 days ago hdhxdhdndhxhxhxhxh;

    • DJEgamer 53
      DJEgamer 53  4 days ago

      u r dum

    • Hernan Villar
      Hernan Villar  5 days ago

      Go to he'll watch mojo

  • Laldinthara Khiangte

    Kid falls in chocolate
    "My chocolate! My beautiful chocolate!"

  • Jeffrey Morningstar

    Ok the Willy Wonka theory is messed up and makes that movie way Creeper

  • tushar sharma
    tushar sharma  3 hours ago

    *See I'm not a monster,I'm just ahead the curve*

  • tushar sharma
    tushar sharma  3 hours ago

    When it comes to dark its *THE DARK KNIGHT* .

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes  4 hours ago

    *Hears the "Afterlife peter pan theory" and puts head in hands* God damn it

  • Fakhrul Faris
    Fakhrul Faris  5 hours ago

    Wow, there is watchmojouk now?

  • Joe McGrath
    Joe McGrath  5 hours ago

    No.10s fake because rose would of kept him alive

  • Reny Ross Tarrobago

    I have my own theory back to the Future characters are the real life Rick and Morty

  • OG LoC
    OG LoC  7 hours ago

    This woman is my only favorite narrator on watchmojo

  • Terrell Marshall
    Terrell Marshall  8 hours ago

    the kids in willy wonka return to their parents tho

  • Teddy Botana
    Teddy Botana  8 hours ago +1

    the Back to the Future one is RE-FUKIN-DICULOUS!!!!!

  • Jaike Lowden
    Jaike Lowden  11 hours ago

    Culkin for Joker

  • Evan Jordan
    Evan Jordan  13 hours ago

    “Not so much dark as it is just sad and scary” Ummmm... sad + scary = dark

  • Jnnununuju Huunuhnunjuj

    Joker is a business man who had gone bankrupt and became a criminal

  • William Bridge
    William Bridge  14 hours ago +1

    This is some scary shit

  • Edward Nygma
    Edward Nygma  15 hours ago

    My soul is electric blue so nah

  • Nolan Wazni
    Nolan Wazni  15 hours ago

    WHat do you mean no records of jack? What about the drawing?

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson  16 hours ago

    Wow! The Kevin McCallister becomes Jigsaw theory just makes so much sense! I mean, how could there be more than one person on earth who enjoys hurting people? Cast iron theory!

  • Mrs D
    Mrs D  16 hours ago

    Jack theory doesn't make would the portrait exist then?!?