3 Scary True Road Trip Horror Stories



  • Earthly Brown
    Earthly Brown  an hour ago


  • Dirtroad D
    Dirtroad D  an hour ago

    The rest area superhero in the white truck sits and waits on trouble

  • Lord Moldy Butt
    Lord Moldy Butt  2 hours ago

    I stopped watching cause the stories got repetitive but I'm glad i tuned back in

    BADD1ONE  5 hours ago

    Your narrated vids rock.

  • TrySurvivalist
    TrySurvivalist  7 hours ago

    Her scream sounds like a retarded wolf howling at the sun

  • TXG
    TXG  9 hours ago

    The music in the background makes these videos so much worse

  • Mark Andrei
    Mark Andrei  10 hours ago

    Watching this at 12:14 AM alone in my room with the door shut and it's dark, the only thing that lights up the surroundings is my phone shit I'm scared. Fuck.

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious  12 hours ago

    "My car didn't have working AC at the time..."
    So buy a can of refrigerant and be done with it.

  • Jay Pena
    Jay Pena  12 hours ago

    Great stories

  • Alexandra Smith
    Alexandra Smith  12 hours ago

    Always is

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith  14 hours ago +1

    So glad I moved away from West Virginia! Lol

  • Alex_Playz
    Alex_Playz  14 hours ago

    I still don't know why I can't stop watching these videos😸

  • AgendaCompleteBliss !!

    Ok call me whatever names you want but what kind of freaking weird ass relationship can a father have with a son that he can't even speak to the 9 yr old after an argument?? He is freaking 9!!!! What in the hell?? He doesn't even know how to do the whole silent treatment thing properly I guess you could say. I don't don't what personal shit you are going through. Buck the hell up and be a father and speak. Damn

  • Tom Stamos
    Tom Stamos  16 hours ago

    Yer a kidnapper and HE is sketchy?

  • Skuba Steve
    Skuba Steve  17 hours ago

    The last has to be a lie bruh everyone know you take i-75 all the way down who needs a gps

  • Chloe Luther
    Chloe Luther  17 hours ago


  • Skuba Steve
    Skuba Steve  17 hours ago

    14hours from penn to Georgia? It takes me that long to Georgia from Michigan

  • Luke Parrish
    Luke Parrish  18 hours ago

    6:30 lol

  • Chromberries シ Yee

    lmao dude gets mad at his young son for complaining about having to sit in a hot ass car all day and having to pee.

  • I Cooked You
    I Cooked You  18 hours ago

    For the person of story 2 your girlfriend is a keeper