All Deaths In Infinity War(HD) (Characters)



  • Is He Dead?
    Is He Dead?  13 days ago +344

    This video but with the counting of the deaths:
    This video but in 30 seconds:

  • Soto Blaze 2
    Soto Blaze 2  4 minutes ago +1

    are you people dumb the people that died in the dust didn't actually die they're in the mind Stone

  • TheLovelyLinoone !
    TheLovelyLinoone !  27 minutes ago

    Nobody going to talk about groot?

  • alibaba69ism
    alibaba69ism  38 minutes ago

    This vid made me cry so much 😭😭😭😭 ok I gonna go eat chips now

  • Twiggy the Torterra
    Twiggy the Torterra  52 minutes ago

    When the movie first began, I was really upset with Loki’s death then came Gamora’s death, that was bad. Then this scene... it brought upon a new layer of shock. The whole theater was silent of the grave... which to be fair is quite fitting for the scene

  • TheCapedNoob 0
    TheCapedNoob 0  54 minutes ago

    Wait. So this is how they died. By turning into fucking sand?

  • Fabricio Pensotti
    Fabricio Pensotti  an hour ago


  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi  an hour ago

    What is the point anymore in Infinity War 2 to go after Thanos? You can't bring anyone back, Thanos isn't going to kill anyone anymore, if the gauntlet wasn't destroyed he can't be killed

  • ATK/Tomiz
    ATK/Tomiz  an hour ago

    i think 11th September was only a toy for kids

  • Kristian Dimnik
    Kristian Dimnik  an hour ago

    Motherfu.... :'D

  • George Valley
    George Valley  an hour ago +1

    4 reasons Infinity War wasn't that good (Spoilers):
    1) Isn't sad at all if u just think about it a little. ALL THE DEAD HEROES ARE COMING BACK. I thought this movie was ground-breaking for Marvel because it actually had stakes. Well it does...but only temporarily. Why is anybody impressed by that?
    2) Too many characters. Other than a few series like LOTR or The Godfather Trilogy there aren't many films where huge casts are handled very well. In this one many of them (Captain America, Bucky, Black Panther, Black Widow, etc.) are just there to move the plot and fight a bit without adding anything to the actual movie.
    3) Doesn't add much to the series. Everyone was excited to see this movie but it only does a couple things new. Show characters who've never met interact with each other, make the antagonist the center of the movie, and kill off most of the good guys (sort of). Everything else about this movie you can find in other Marvel movies: the action, the humor, the references, etc. This brings little new.
    4) Sooo overhyped. Everyone was saying that this movie was the most epic film ever made, it will make you cry, blah blah blah. Not only are there more epic films and more emotional films, there are much better superhero movies. If you think this is even close to being better than either of the first 2 installments in the Dark Knight Trilogy you're probably a teenager or younger.
    Btw I didn't hate the movie. Certain parts I like a lot (the funny Mexican standoff, the Guardians intro, a couple other parts), but I think people don't realize that Marvel is manipulating them SOOO badly here. Just my two cents.

  • Elijah Chumber
    Elijah Chumber  2 hours ago

    They will come back because they need to make more movies

  • G1XM0 GAM3R
    G1XM0 GAM3R  2 hours ago

    “And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again. AAAA AH AAAA AHH AAAH AHH AH YEAH OOOOO OO OO OOO WHEN I SEE YOU AGAIN”

  • Spitfire !
    Spitfire !  3 hours ago

    *T H I S I S S O S A D C A N W E H A V E 5 0 L I K E S ?*

  • Fortnite Pro213
    Fortnite Pro213  3 hours ago

    2:46 when I see Pubg has more likes then fortnite

  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith  3 hours ago

    Iron man was mean so Spider-Man died if I played in it I would give him a punch in the face

  • LionZ
    LionZ  3 hours ago

    Oh no. *sigh* motherf-

    SPARTANDUDE330  4 hours ago

    Everyone who got snapped will comeback they will be freed from being trapped in the gauntlet

  • theryder
    theryder  5 hours ago

    2:47 looks like thanos is getting hurt because Thor is pinching his ear😂

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    *Mr.Stark i dont feel so good*