Why I Spent $13,000 on an ANCIENT Toyota (16 year old car)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Dead Fish Pocket T -- http://bit.ly/2OPhWw2

    The NEW (pretty old) Land Cruiser is here!! After almost a whole year of shopping for the perfect early 2000's LC200 model I finally stumbled upon the whip of my wildest dreams. This sleek and sexy hunk of Japanese metal has been on my list of Dream cars for many years now and I'm so happy to finally have one apart of the Rigged Armada. Just wait to see what I have in stores for future

    --Young Plugg

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  • buritto yeet
    buritto yeet  6 days ago +377


    • buritto yeet
      buritto yeet  4 days ago

      Drew Ringlein dude I'm not Jon b you replied to my pinned comment

    • Tx_vape_guy
      Tx_vape_guy  4 days ago

      The leak in the passenger side is probably the heater core. The “water” you see is actually coolant.

    • Taylor R
      Taylor R  4 days ago

      Christopher Lovas @ 10:35 lol

    • Aj Babinsack
      Aj Babinsack  6 days ago

      Jeremy Hassler ?? Wym hes not going to have to get any repairs its a Toyota

  • Andrew Ingram
    Andrew Ingram  3 hours ago

    Name it Maroon 5

  • Andrew Ingram
    Andrew Ingram  3 hours ago

    I love old highlanders

  • golsonkp
    golsonkp  5 hours ago

    it aint old and clunky. tahts still new for someone like me lol

  • Derrick Powers
    Derrick Powers  5 hours ago

    Name it, "Maroon Whip Wagon" or "Wicked Whip Wagon"

  • Zane Walker
    Zane Walker  10 hours ago

    call her big bertha

  • North Star Vlogs
    North Star Vlogs  10 hours ago

    Lol mine's 17 yo Toyota

  • Colin Hansen
    Colin Hansen  10 hours ago

    Love your vidjas!! old toyotas are the best

  • Garrett Terry
    Garrett Terry  11 hours ago

    Name it the LandBruiser

  • Chris Waltmann
    Chris Waltmann  11 hours ago

    The maroon goon

  • Dylan Logan
    Dylan Logan  14 hours ago

    Trailblazer gang

  • Kyler Koch
    Kyler Koch  15 hours ago

    i have a bmw x5 from 2004 that has that same back

  • Gordon Gretsinger
    Gordon Gretsinger  16 hours ago

    Those things are the best. Always wanted one

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith  16 hours ago

    13k. You over paid a lot. The dealership made a killing

  • Michael Willett
    Michael Willett  19 hours ago

    instead of ripping it apart why not a roof rack and roof top tent ?
    maybe you should have a look at what we do with em in australia fold down shelf and some draws in the back and you could live out of it easy

  • Logan Alan
    Logan Alan  19 hours ago

    Still rocking my 06 Rav 4 and I love it. Best affordable fishing vehicle!

  • Carlos Santos
    Carlos Santos  20 hours ago

    Name it “Bruiser Cruiser”

  • TheOfficialSwampBoy
    TheOfficialSwampBoy  22 hours ago

    Call her the B Roller

  • Austin Burton
    Austin Burton  yesterday

    33” tires, sliders, 3” suspension lift, bumpers, winch... call is square. Simple and functional. Skids if planning on doing more off-roading based trails and not just driving to locations

  • Angel Cruz
    Angel Cruz  yesterday

    Long time follower and huge Toyota guy here. Go ahead and ditch the running boards to start. You'll rip em off on a tree or a rock before you know it, and you may be able to make a couple of bucks selling them in the process to put towards the new rig AKA Mommy Missile. I would definitely recommend, to the Toyota of Dallas, Wheeler's Offroad, or Slee Offroad as they have a offer quite a bit of 100 series parts and accessories and all are huge Toyota Guys with tons of knowledge. I'd creep on Slee's instagram for inspiration as they have some sweet toys. Also I highly recommend joining some of the Toyota 100 series owners forums as they are a great resource for questions and concerns regarding repair, or just simply scoring good deals on new upgrades and accessories.