✈️ULTIMATE Low Flying JETS & SONIC BOOM Compilation 2018✈️



  • Allan Humphrey
    Allan Humphrey  yesterday

    Some years ago when NZ and the US were happy to play war games there was a play dog fight that went from above my house to maybe 50 miles away and the noise of the sonic boom was deafening. I don't believe any of those planes in the series of movies broke the sound barrier from my ear experiences. Sure they were travelling fast but there was very little explosive concussion that I have heard from F15 and F111 having fun. Someone must have complained as there was an article in the newspaper about how the pilots were told that the sound barrier was not to be broken . He He. Denial Denial Denial Denial The booms from aircraft 50 miles away was loud enough to feel through the body. If those aircraft broke the sound barrier above the crowd their ears would have been blown apart. .

  • Jeremy Dickson
    Jeremy Dickson  2 days ago

    Great video, who did this version of Danger Zone?

  • Edie on FIRE
    Edie on FIRE  3 days ago

    Man I wanna be in one of those

  • Won'tRespond
    Won'tRespond  4 days ago +2

    So there’s my missing 54% of tax dollars. I suppose the American jets were no longer “effective” enough at dropping bombs on innocent civilians living in countries with oil and opium fields. Or a “dictator” who dares printing a national currency.
    Or were the planes pilots beginning to raise concerns? Transitioning towards brainwashed kids behind a computer screen. Dropping bombs remotely via drones. Avoiding the real life gore. Calling illegal massacres fun innocent sounding words like a “wash.”

    • some 1
      some 1  yesterday

      Just enjoy the video Jesus Christ

    • slactweak
      slactweak  yesterday


    • Ken Moore
      Ken Moore  3 days ago +1

      Won'tRespond don't like America leave

  • Eric Carrington
    Eric Carrington  4 days ago


  • Richárd Tóth
    Richárd Tóth  5 days ago +2

    good video

  • Richárd Tóth
    Richárd Tóth  5 days ago

    what's the title of the music?

    • Richárd Tóth
      Richárd Tóth  2 days ago

      thank you for your help thousands of times I saw in my childhood just no longer remember it. I'll check it again today

    • Iamredliner Hooligan
      Iamredliner Hooligan  2 days ago

      "Danger Zone".........watch the movie Top Gun someday....you'll get the connection.

  • L. G.
    L. G.  5 days ago +2

    That's fantastic combat war training!😎👍👍👍

  • Joe Miholics
    Joe Miholics  5 days ago

    Nice compilation of Low Flying Jets...
    You Forgot to insert the Sonic Boom(-s) Part(-s) ...

  • noe guillot
    noe guillot  6 days ago

    physics burn sudden emphasis aide invent quantity carbohydrate.

  • BabyDoll J.B
    BabyDoll J.B  6 days ago +2

    I now have a new thing for my bucket list! I have got to see one of these Jets in person so now I'm going to Google air shows in Michigan featuring Jets breaking the sound barrier I'm really excited just thinking about it now!! 😁

    • Hugo Gutiérrez
      Hugo Gutiérrez  5 days ago +1

      BabyDoll J.B

    • ptudor63
      ptudor63  5 days ago +1

      BabyDoll J.B go to Pensacola Fla. Naval Base to the museum. The Blue Angles practice there almost every week. Open to the public. It's all free.

    • Hugo Gutiérrez
      Hugo Gutiérrez  6 days ago +1


    • BabyDoll J.B
      BabyDoll J.B  6 days ago +1

      TruthRevolutionNet thanks same to you friend 😺

    • TruthRevolutionNet
      TruthRevolutionNet  6 days ago +1

      That’s Great ! Have a nice day !

  • Duane Kent
    Duane Kent  6 days ago +2

    Good video

  • Freeman Diaz
    Freeman Diaz  6 days ago +1

    I ducked!

    • BabyDoll J.B
      BabyDoll J.B  6 days ago +1

      Freeman Diaz LoL I got really in to the video too. Damn, I have got to see one of these air shows with these Jets. It looks like just the coolest experiences one could have in a life it's definitely a new number on my bucket list! 😸

  • Nemesis Supremisis
    Nemesis Supremisis  6 days ago +1

    Adrenaline rush. Cool! Almost forgot here's a similar one https://cnclips.net/video/9f2wBmFC3Rk/video.html

  • Nano Veigar
    Nano Veigar  6 days ago +3

    nice video mate

  • Jey Lee
    Jey Lee  6 days ago +3

    Fantastic flying✈️ Awesome!💋💕

  • cartoon upload DF
    cartoon upload DF  6 days ago +1


  • OvaSonicku
    OvaSonicku  6 days ago +2

    Sanic buuuuuuum