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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
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  • judith bergmann
    judith bergmann  26 minutes ago

    Well, you have been my favourite Youtuber once, I really loved your channel...this changed since your pranks are getting out of line! Instead of cherishing your precious relationship and a lovely girl like Kate, you are ruining it by making fun of her all the time! How can you stand her crying because of some stupid pranks you pull on her ?? Does it make you feel good seeing her suffering? I mean read the comments man, no one is interested in these pranks anymore, do other stuff like surprising her, that's what people wanna see... we all had enough of cruel pranks like this! My only hope is that these pranks aren't real, because if they are, I can't understand why Kate still wants to be with a guy like you... you deserve better Kate, keep that in mind! Please change the concept of your pranks and stop saying I feel bad to do this and this to Kate, why am I doing this.. you are just being dishonest with yourself.. no one forces you to be mean to her and to do these pranks! Like I said, I once really loved you as a couple! I hope your becoming the cute couple again you have been before YouTube changed you entirely!

  • Maria Fernanda
    Maria Fernanda  31 minutes ago

    This is so sad she's really excited and she's so sad that you're ignoring her😭😭thank god it was only a prank!

  • Lucy Peacock
    Lucy Peacock  an hour ago

    She is so sweet aww

  • AMAZING Girl
    AMAZING Girl  3 hours ago

    You are an asshole and I just hate you for making her feel like that all the time. Come up with something else idiot. NOT funny for the last 2 years. I hope she leaves you soon.

  • Dylan Urquiaga
    Dylan Urquiaga  4 hours ago

    I feel so bad for her ...

  • Eliahs Prieto
    Eliahs Prieto  4 hours ago

    your so stuipid feel so bad

  • flickinggamer
    flickinggamer  5 hours ago

    Steve would never make Kate cry.

  • Miss Chloe Jenkins

    even though this was sad I pissed myself with laughter lol

  • elri Peters
    elri Peters  5 hours ago

    Kate make your own channel please 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • sakshi kulkarni
    sakshi kulkarni  5 hours ago

    The way she says 'because... ' ... It's heartbreaking

  • Jimmy Buckets
    Jimmy Buckets  6 hours ago

    Let’s be honest, she prob cheated on you while on vacation

  • ahmed jafarli
    ahmed jafarli  7 hours ago

    i would die to have a girlfreind like that

  • M2 YZY
    M2 YZY  7 hours ago

    She's so damn cute 😅

  • Roel Lopez
    Roel Lopez  7 hours ago

    when she said "do you even miss me" i wanted to cry lol i feel so bad for this girl sometimes!

  • Josiah Archer
    Josiah Archer  7 hours ago

    Bitch u so dum your girl is cute as flip lmao

  • PatrickT17
    PatrickT17  8 hours ago


  • Allisha S
    Allisha S  8 hours ago

    If I were you Kate, I would be laughing even though he thinks it's annoying hahahaha

    MEGHA MADAAN  8 hours ago

    It's not funny. Nd first i used to lile there videos but how can someone fall for the same things each and every time.. I don't think they're real.

  • Laurin LaBonte
    Laurin LaBonte  8 hours ago

    Honestly this type of thing is borderline emotional abuse on both their parts as I know she does it back to him. What they portray to the world is not a "romantic couple" but is actually an incredibly toxic relationship

  • ghost gamer18
    ghost gamer18  8 hours ago +1

    I felt how she was so happy and she was smiling but she went sad