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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
  • In this vlog I went to the P.O. box and opened some fan mail, answered some of your guys questions, talked about Chase & I kissing, and did a little clothing haul.

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    Lambertville, Michigan 48144

    Filmed on a Sony Alpha a5000

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  • Payton Lowrie
    Payton Lowrie  10 days ago +292

    bruh she’s joking, y’all take this to seriously. Chase has even confirmed they’ve kissed. You should respect there decision not to kiss on camera. Hmph.

    • Livvy T
      Livvy T  8 days ago +6

      Gianna1232 he said they did, it doesn’t matter if they do or not. It’s their choicez

    • Gianna1232
      Gianna1232  9 days ago +3

      Payton Lowrie sorry to bother you but wdym he confirmed it?

  • Elissa Robicahud
    Elissa Robicahud  2 hours ago

    asha i love your mom yo grease and footlose are my favorite movies ever

  • lily pugh
    lily pugh  4 hours ago

    Asha is so pretty💖

  • Charlize
    Charlize  6 hours ago

    Oh my gosh wait! You have the same birthday as me ily x

  • catie wagner
    catie wagner  10 hours ago

    i know she’s joking but like at the same time i still feel like she things kissing is gross 😂 idk i’m confused. cuz like her and chase are sooo cute but like why would you even joke about kissing being gross? doesn’t really make sense

  • NatashaHachePhotography

    I love the sarcasm 😂

  • { Lowkeysophie}
    { Lowkeysophie}  17 hours ago

    Asha my birthday is may 5th

  • Ailyn Lares
    Ailyn Lares  21 hours ago

    I love the 10:58

  • Aicha Safia
    Aicha Safia  yesterday

    I am from Morocco ly❤❤

  • Morgan Chillemi

    10th grade and she thinks kissing is gross? Oml haha

  • Thelma Otieco
    Thelma Otieco  yesterday

    Pls. Do it

  • Liyahh A.
    Liyahh A.  yesterday

    “You can do that” ... “she acts so innocent”😂😂😂😂 i SCREAMED 😂

  • Owen McBride
    Owen McBride  yesterday

    U are super cute chase is a lucky man

  • Mataya Dotson
    Mataya Dotson  yesterday

    They kiss, just not on camera ☺️ hope that clears everything 😚 + I love asha sm !

  • marta Kenny
    marta Kenny  yesterday

    Omg why do people think that why would they kiss on camera they wouldent bc its gross as she said can i have a shoutout pls😊😍

  • Unknown Shay Vlogs

    The old 90210 is the best one.... its on hulu.... theres like 10 seasons

  • Dragon Fruit
    Dragon Fruit  2 days ago

    Bro I loved kissing my bf and making out with him

  • Sasha Mikita
    Sasha Mikita  2 days ago

    My birthday is a day after yours. So cool

  • Vanessas Productions

    You should do the chapstick challenge but you're blind folded and you just put it on ur lips and guess what it is