Scotty McCreery - This Is It

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 26, 2018
  • Scotty McCreery’s new album ‘Seasons Change’ is available now:

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    Director: Jeff Ray

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  • JamieP120
    JamieP120  a minute ago

    Precious song and video!

  • Army Savage
    Army Savage  31 minutes ago

    yo I love this song it discribes me so well.

  • Jamie Kimsey
    Jamie Kimsey  2 hours ago

    I love love love her wedding dress!

  • paige singer
    paige singer  3 hours ago

    i miss my ex who loved someone who didnt love u back and after that relation ship i lost how to love and trust we dated 2 years who has been thrue this it sucks trust me i have really bad deppresion and im very suicidle i shut my family and friends out i cant believe im posting this for everyone 2 see im such a failure i cry myself to sleep every night im about to give up theres nothing this world can offer me

  • Dandee Liro
    Dandee Liro  4 hours ago

    Straight from the heart song with amazing music video showing your own marriage... I love it... Great job scotty... Love you from the Philippines

  • Crissy Reyes
    Crissy Reyes  6 hours ago


  • Carol Hargrave
    Carol Hargrave  yesterday

    Yes, this was and is it! Congratulations on a beautiful marriage!

  • Laura Lynn
    Laura Lynn  yesterday


  • Lemuel Dunleavy
    Lemuel Dunleavy  yesterday

    This is sooo good! Made me want to cry. 😢 lol

  • SoffeA ri-
    SoffeA ri-  yesterday


  • al Sel
    al Sel  yesterday

    My wedding song this will be :)

  • Grace Macaraeg
    Grace Macaraeg  yesterday

    From "the trouble with girls" to "this is it". Now that's one legendary upgrade.

  • comedy club
    comedy club  yesterday +4

    That nigga Jada was chilling like this in like 3 interviews lol?it is easy to get ton of real Instagram from a very reliable website where you just have to make an order and delivered your order *www IG Rocket d0t coM?*

  • Andrea Larrea
    Andrea Larrea  yesterday +1

    So cute 😭😍

  • Adoni$
    Adoni$  yesterday

    Does anyone else’s volume auto-adjust?

  • Tiffany Montoya
    Tiffany Montoya  yesterday +1

    The whole state of Colorado is laughing at you, Scotty. 4,000 feet LOL

  • Arianna Stewart
    Arianna Stewart  yesterday

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  • Shelby Sprott
    Shelby Sprott  yesterday +1


  • Karen Peterson
    Karen Peterson  yesterday +1

    Such a beautiful song!

  • fychz
    fychz  yesterday +2

    Who could forget that smile from the Trouble With Girls music video!! So happy for them!!