Huskies Trying Dog Shoes for the First Time! (Funny Dogs)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • Huskies Trying Dog Shoes for the First Time! At first they act funny but the they don't mind the shoes at all.

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  • brandon smith
    brandon smith  2 hours ago

    Who dislikes this video??

  • FluffyPuppyPink
    FluffyPuppyPink  2 hours ago

    ?y dog justhad shoes for the first time and it was halarious! 🤣🤣😆👌

  • Mondojuice13
    Mondojuice13  3 hours ago


  • Lio Convoy
    Lio Convoy  4 hours ago

    What is this human!? 1:33

  • B Davis
    B Davis  4 hours ago

    My red heeler mix would just try to bite them off.

  • Steve Dodge
    Steve Dodge  4 hours ago

    Love Your Dogs.

  • xiaonuo chu
    xiaonuo chu  4 hours ago


  • Marcelle Bess
    Marcelle Bess  5 hours ago

    You are very good with your dogs!

  • Tate Greenee
    Tate Greenee  5 hours ago

    This is so wholesome. I love it

  • drumtwo4seven
    drumtwo4seven  7 hours ago +1

    This is same guy "Crazy Russian Hacker"
    This is Crazy Russian Hacker

  • Johnny Sullivan
    Johnny Sullivan  8 hours ago

    Why does a dog need shoes?

  • Nicole Ready
    Nicole Ready  11 hours ago

    He started walking like he was disabled.

  • Nu Youkai
    Nu Youkai  11 hours ago

    Beautiful dogs!

  • maryamerica
    maryamerica  12 hours ago

    be careful leaving them on them when hot out cuz they sweat thru their paws so it they are covered they may get over heated

  • maryamerica
    maryamerica  12 hours ago

    love the dog videos taras!

  • johnny llooddte
    johnny llooddte  13 hours ago +1

    ahaha i already can tell you what will happen

  • jon suejoj
    jon suejoj  13 hours ago

    and i thought my southern accent was thick and hard to understand lol.. good video by the way

  • Savage Clothing
    Savage Clothing  14 hours ago

    Hes so calm my dog wouldve ben bitijg me And Tryanna take em off Each time i put one on his foot one will be coming off

  • Myles Yoshimoto
    Myles Yoshimoto  15 hours ago


  • A. Saleh
    A. Saleh  16 hours ago

    imagine if humans needed 2 pairs of shoes..